Spread Sunshine Nominations: Supportive Friends

Spread Sunshine Nominations: Supportive Friends

As a woman-owned business, we wanted to spread sunshine to the hardworking ladies out there during COVID-19. We asked our community to nominate amazing women they know & tell us why they are so inspiring. We were in awe of all of the nominations we received and thought that each woman deserved to be spotlighted! 

We were so excited to have so many Supportive Friends nominated. The best kind of friendships are fierce lady friendships where you aggressively believe in each other, defend each other, and think the other deserves the world. Cheers to all of the amazing women who nominated their friends. May we all feel the joy of being both supportive and supported in our friendships. 

Andria W. nominated by Diana J.

There are so many inspiring women I could nominate, but I want to nominate my friend Andria W. Andria is set to open her Blown dry bar in the coming weeks and right in the middle of that, she has been called to duty with the Army Reserves. She will not get to be at her salon on opening day because she is happy to help serve our country at this time. Andria is a mom of 5! And I know she is a lover of skincare/self-care and would be honored to wear Cabana Life for herself and her kiddos!

I am a long-time lover of Cabana Life and both Andria and I are women business owners who strive to inspire moms to be their best every day. 

Alice M. nominated by Mya M.

I would love to nominate Alice M. She is one amazing nurse who is going through the pits of hell right now. We have been friends for years. She has given me so much of her time, her advice, and her love. 

Cara S. nominated by Shawn F.

My friend and grad school classmate Cara S. inspires me. In her new role as CEO of SunDial brands, she is not only blazing trails for women in the C-suite, but she is also empowering women of color, entrepreneurs, and minority small business owners with a newly announced $1 million fund for companies affected by the coronavirus. She is not only intelligent and generous, but she has a special way of making you feel powerful and confident when she is with you. I could not be more proud of her. 

Christine Rousseau H. nominated by Cheryl P.

I was thinking about this all weekend. I am nominating a person who does not work on the front lines and also her kids are college-aged. This woman is inspiring because she gets up every morning and posts positive thoughts on social media. She has a Facebook group that has been expanding by the dozens. Every morning when I get up, I look forward to reading what she posted. It might be an article or a short quote, just something to keep us going and in the right frame of mind. For many of us in MA., we are just heading into the worst part of this virus. She motivates not only quotes but wants others to post with what they have done for themselves that day and what type of exercise they did (whether for the mind or body).

Her group is called the Quarantine 15 challenge on Facebook. 

Cynthia K. nominated by Cheryl P.

I’m writing to you today to tell you about my sister Cynthia K. She is a very talented make-up artist who recently just started her own make-up and skincare line. Unfortunately during these trying times, people are not thinking about their make-up. She is a very hard working mother of three kids, one dog and a household to manage. With her business just starting she has been trying live videos on Facebook to help women with their make-up tips. She also does a lot of make-up for brides getting married. This too has put a lot of weddings on hold, with so many unknowns in their future. She is determined to motivate this group of women and stay positive these days. She works incredibly hard both as a mom, but also as a professional. I don’t know how women today work full time, manage a household of three kids with all their normal activities and stay happy and eager to motivate other women! She is truly an inspiration! She is not only a wonderful sister but she’s my best friend (with my mom). Women can do anything they put their minds to!!! Just like you both did! 

Dana S. nominated by Amy C.

I would like to nominate my friend and fellow staff member, Dana S. She is a mom, a first-grade teacher, and a business owner. Dana has three beautiful daughters whom she’s homeschooling due to COVID 19. She is going above and beyond to work with her own first-grade class. Plus she is making homemade sauce and ravioli for her small business Lil Dagoes.

Dawn K. nominated by a Friend

Dawn K is my nomination. She keeps on keeping on no matter how life knocks her down. 2 1/2 years ago the love of her life, husband, father and truly her best friend lost his battle. She is a small business owner and one of the best event planners. Like much other small business, COVID 19 has shut her down and worse the events that were scheduled of course will not be happening. She turns 50 this week and we were supposed to be traveling to Hawaii to celebrate and that is now delayed at least a year. In spite of all the setbacks she keeps a smile on her face and keeps pushing through. She could use a ray of sunshine in her life.

Dotty B. nominated by Tricia F.

I am a woman with a sun allergy called PMLE, polymorphic light eruption. I love your products and they are beautiful!

I would like to nominate a beautiful family friend, Dotty B. Dotty is a healer and energy worker, and a mom to three beautiful grown daughters including Pilar Gerisimo who is a wellness advocate known at the national level.

Although she's in her 70s, Dotty continues her healing reflexology at her organic farm in rural Wisconsin.

Gerry nominated by Angela R.

My aunt Gerry is the woman who inspires me the most. I lost my mother at the tender age of 5 and aunt Gerry was always there helping my grandma with shopping for my clothes and getting pictures done and things of that nature. At that time, she was incredibly busy with her own life, raising her two daughters, working, going to nursing school, keeping up with her house, and being a good wife. She is truly amazing! She continued her schooling until she became a nurse practitioner. She took care of my grandma as needed and took total care of her towards the end of her life. Since then, she has kept our family together with holidays and get-togethers. She is always there when I or anyone else needs her. She is the most giving, selfless person that I know.

Whitney G. and her friend, Aida H. nominated by Whitney G.

I would like to nominate myself Whitney, a swim instructor owner of Jax Mobile swim school who is really missing her students! I teach survival swim and special needs and love wearing your unit suits and rash guards to teach in! They are always so bright and colorful and my students and mommies love them so much they order some for themselves. This is a hard time of year to not be working as this is a busy season gearing up.

I also want to nominate my friend Aida H. Aida is an amazing mother, wife, and friend. She always goes over and beyond for her friends. Aida’s water broke today as she will be welcoming their son Arlo into this world alone :( Aida’s husband is currently deployed and stuck in limbo due to this virus so he won’t be able to make it for the delivery. 

Ingrid L. nominated by Kayte H.

I would like to nominate my best friend Ingrid. We met as dance moms and became “everything” friends- she supported me throughout getting my master’s degree at night while working as a single mom with two girls, wine nights, introducing me to amazing friends and always up for beach play dates with matching cabana rash guards for us and our kids. This doesn’t come close to doing her nomination justice, but she is a pure heart, living an amazing mom life, and putting smiles on everyone’s face and making family life easier with amazing memories made together with friends :)

Jamie J. nominated by Jack J.

I hope this email finds you well and safe. I am writing this email to nominate the lovely and talented Jamie J from Wanderlust Travel. Jamie is an amazing woman with a strong work ethic running her one-woman Travel Boutique. On top of this, she is an incredible wife, a loving mother to two boys and a foster dog named Cairo. Through these challenging times that our nation is currently going through, there are many people out there working tirelessly that deserve this generous Cabana Life gift card. 

Jennifer C. nominated by Renee B.

I nominate Jennifer C. She is a successful businesswoman and extraordinary mother of two young children. She has a high level of stress with her job and shoulders the majority of responsibility on the homefront. She always has a positive attitude and always is willing to help others, regardless of how exhausted she may be. She is someone that will always have your back, tell you the truth when needed, and provide an ear to just listen. To add to her list of amazing traits, she is a dedicated friend!

Jennifer P. nominated by Hanna P.

I nominate Jennifer Pintado.

Jessica R. nominated by Julia M.

I would like to nominate my friend Jessica R. She is a phenomenal mom of two precious kids (who happen to be my kids’ best friends). She and I met when our sons were in kindergarten 3.5 years ago! Not only is she at home right now taking care of her kids and helping them with her school work, but she is also still working full time. She is the Vice President of Mortgage Lender at a local bank and works harder than anyone else I know. On top of all of that, her husband works in hospital administration and has been working nonstop. She has maintained her workout routine through this to help with her sanity! Let’s just say she’s a superwoman! She has been my virtual shoulder to cry on and support during this time and I am so grateful to know that others are going through this!! 

Karen M. nominated by Colleen D.

I would like to nominate Karen M. Karen is completely selfless. Karen always puts others first, before herself. Karen and I met 30 years ago when she married my best friend. To be honest, I wasn’t really sure we would hit it off but I am glad I was wrong.

I have experienced Karen’s selflessness many times. She took care of her mom during difficult health issues, she took care of her mother-in-law during her health issues, she has raised two amazing boys that I am so proud to call my nephews, she constantly checks in on her 5 brothers and so much more. And does all of this without ever once complaining about her MS and her health. NEVER complains!

Karen is my nomination because she makes me a better person. I thank God everyday for bringing her into my life.

Kathy W. nominated by Nancy W.

My sister, Kathy! She is a year older and has ALWAYS been my best friend through thick and thin. We can rely on each other, vent to each other and stand up against our 2 younger brothers! We have been taught to love everyone by our wonderful parents and to never go to bed angry!

Katie M. nominated by Megan A.

I would like to nominate Katie M. She works for a small, woman-owned business in Blacksburg that does embroidery & screen printing. With Virginia Tech, Radford University, and Roanoke College, their largest clients, teaching virtually, business is tough. On top of that, she’s a phenomenal mom to Genevieve, 6, a Kindergartener, and Grant, 3. She and her hubby are balancing work and staying home with the kiddos. She’s also the Marketing advisor for our sorority, Chi Omega at Virginia Tech and is helping the collegiate chapter stay connected to their sisters who are now at home all over the country. She always inspires me, but in these crazy times, she’s really holding it down.

Kelly B. nominated by Wayne W.

Wayne nominates Kelly B, the VP of Tilson Technologies Inc. in Portland Maine.

Laura L. nominated by Ceriese C.

I would like to nominate Laura L, my cousin-in-law. Laura is a positive brilliant woman who inspires and challenges me to be the best person I could be. Her motivation and intellectual brilliance uplift me in many ways. She sparkles with love and resilient strength. She is always personable and genuinely cares about what you're feeling and responds to uplift you. I love her very much.

Leila Hahn M. nominated by Ranya H.

I nominate my sister, Leila Hahn M. She is the mother of 2 boys and works as an IT Project Manager for a non-profit in Denver, Colorado. She is in a shelter in place as the only woman in the house - and dreams of summer and pool time in 2020. Leila and I are twins and we grew up under the Florida sun in St.Petersburg. We spent our free time boating, swimming, trips to the beach and water skiing. We loved it but probably spent too much time outside without enough sun protection. I'm a loyal Cabana Life customer and would love for Leila to treat herself to something cheery for the summer.

Lindsay C. nominated by John P. and Tammy C.

Lindsay C. is my soon-to-be wife and she inspires me every day because she always does things for others. She never requests anything of me but she gives me motivation day in and out. We are going through a rough time now with the coronavirus because we are supposed to get married in June. We have not postponed the wedding but it is looking more and more likely.

Lindsay is a middle school teacher and she loves helping kids as a math teacher. I love her so much, and this would be amazing for her.

Lori nominated by Kim P.

Hi! I’d love to nominate my dear friend, Lori, who is a true inspiration to me. She is a recently retired public school teacher (Duval County in FL) who dedicated 30+ years to teaching and inspiring elementary age students, as well as mentoring many younger, novice teachers along the way. She is the mother to two strong young women - the younger one has followed in her footsteps as an educator in Duval County. She is a devoted grandmother to a precious granddaughter whom she helps care for while her older daughter works. While learning her new “normal” of retirement, Lori’s husband was diagnosed with melanoma in 2019. Once again, Lori showed her true strength and ability to stay positive during a challenging time. Her husband recently finished his treatment at Mayo Clinic and he and Lori look forward to many more years of supporting each other.


Maria B. nominated by Sandi F.

I would nominate Maria B. She is not only an attorney who represents children who have been abused and neglected in New Jersey (she has been doing so since 1999) but she inspires me to join in and do the same in 2002. She showed me that there are children in NJ who need our help and who need someone to advocate for their health, safety, and development. She not only works more than anyone I know, but she has also been a source of invaluable information to many of us who have joined after her. She also helps care for her parents, who aren’t fluent in English and who have their own set of health issues. So, during her free time when she is home and not working, she is caring for her parents. She and her sister help care for her parents and share in their responsibilities in making sure that each gets the care that they need. She is a selfless person who asks for little in return. She has two cats who adore her and who live quite well in her care. I am proud to be her friend and only wish others would be just like her. I feel lucky to be her friend and co-worker.

Marilyn H. nominated by Krista H.

My sister Marilyn, a Kind, loving, and a friend to all.

Marilyn W. nominated by Karen L.

I would like to nominate my friend Marilyn W. She owns her own business “Pack Mart”, shipping packing, copying, faxing, etc, etc, etc

She completed 8 weeks of cancer treatment in 2019. She gets up every day, helps everyone and she keeps moving. Never giving up or giving in, she has a big family and she takes care of all of them and some strays that she always has room for. She would never turn anyone away

She is a skin cancer survivor so your clothes are perfectly stylish and protective at the same time. Perfect for our busy lives in the sunshine.

Pamela T. nominated by Sandy R.

I nominate Pamela… She has been in my life since grade school. We both moved away and college life happened- the Pacific Ocean stands between us but you know what they say, good friends just pick up where they left off, even if a few months pass by. Even in grade school, Pamela saw her life in terms of music; music to inspire others, soothe...anything to bring people together, always a “healer”. When we turned 50, we took a weekend girls’ trip to a Blue’s Festival to camp out (literally in a tent) and celebrate us, listen to Jazz, soothe our souls and convince ourselves the new 50 was 30. Pamela is beautiful and strong inside and out and inspires me to be a better person always. After 6 hours on the road with 80’s music blasting and talking about high school, Pamela made me feel like we had just re-lived it all w/o all the awkwardness. After that weekend- we decided at this point in our lives we needed/deserved to do this every year, to soothe our souls and be inspired. Her love of music and her Nursing career enhances her ability to reach out and calm and inspire others in times of fear and anxiety, like the current pandemic. It’s not a coincidence her husband became a doctor with her love and support. Family and friends are everything to Pamela and she’s raising 3 great kids in this crazy world. This now “Army Ranger” momma may not be able to perform her music at this time, but she is still ensuring that friends and family are well-taken care of and her home-front is protected and as “normal” for the family as can be during this challenging time. Pamela’s very talented physician husband who (himself) just underwent heart surgery less than 3 weeks ago, has been back at the hospital as an employee working shifts to help save lives. My brave friend is always positive and said, “His co-workers promise to keep an eye on him and I’ve set up a compound for him in our driveway- he sleeps in the van camper so he doesn’t expose us.” She knew her husband wanted to be doing what he does best and her faith and desire to help others no matter what led her to support him while her healthcare background allows her to continue to be there for those friends that reach out to her via social media (like me).

When I speak with her, she jokes about it and focuses positive energy on the precious time with her children and of course the socially distanced conversations with her husband. These conversations inspire me, knowing that so many thoughts are swirling around in her head every day yet she remains positive on her home-front and thinks of others first. She is not only an amazing friend she is an amazing parental role-model, a role-model to other military parents and a role-model for the medical community at a time when so many have their loved ones off at hospitals as her husband is. This deserving friend holds it all together with faith, friends, music and a smile! Her Birthday was last week so I sent her a Lei from Hawaii since she was supposed to be coming here for a girls' trip; I wanted to brighten her day in cool, crisp, Boise, ID.

Patty B. nominated by Renee H.

I nominate my sister-in-law Patty B. She is the owner of Harris and Lee Environmental Sciences. She is an awesome mother, wife, sister, aunt, scientist, entrepreneur and the most fabulous sister-in-law to me, Renee Harris. She stood up for us in a teal taffeta dress as we married back in 1988 and proudly wore that dress as she snuck out early to attend her senior prom. We are so excited to celebrate her 50th birthday this year even though COVID-19 really has tried to interfere. I am hopeful that Cabana Life will put her in a more comfortable attire to celebrate this big event.

Read on to learn how she would represent your company proud:

My sister-in-law Patty deserves this win

She works super hard and is always spread thin

She owns her own business and is smart as a whip

Was super sad when we had to cancel our trip

She turned 50 on April 3rd and our flight was scheduled for the next day

When the notice of COVID-19 got in our way

The trip to Hawaii was going to be a big deal

At the very last minute it was all canceled and life became real

Instead of sunsets and walks on the beach

She had to set up a schoolroom and begin to teach

A Cabana Life dress above the knee

Would be a great trade for her daily PPE

An environmentalist, vegetarian and stellar athlete

Winning this prize would be a great treat!

We are currently limited to Zoom calls

Looking at our immediate family through a computer in our own four walls

A gift card we would so appreciate

As currently, she is shopping for PPE at ACE!

She is known affectionately as the Auntie Patty, but we all know

That if she wins this prize she will respectfully show

That Cabana Life has the best gear

To relax in style in a very crazy year!

Shalane nominated by Allie S.

I would love to nominate my friend Shalane.

Shalane and I met in Washington State over 10 years ago while our husbands worked together in the Army. What drew me to Shalane was her sense of loyalty, her laugh and her love for bunco. Unfortunately, the Army took us to different locations and lead our families down different paths so we have not been able to see each other as often as we’d like. Currently, Shalane is living in Georgia, raising three kids while her husband is deployed. She is the bravest person I know. This deployment has had its challenges for their family because of COVID-19 and she has not once complained or felt sorry for the situation they are in. I know, just like any spouse of someone deployed that she would love her husband home to help with the day to day schedule and homeschooling of their oldest (she has been homeschooling for a while because of the constant moving around and demands of the army). Shalane is strong, supportive and resilient. She smiles big and laughs loud. But most of all she is an inspiration to anyone that meets her.

I would love for Shalane to receive this recognition. In today’s new and crazy world there’s not much in our news about the military but they are still overseas, away from their families and also being impacted by the virus. It’s taking a toll on numerous parents who have been without their spouse for longer than expected. It’s inspiring to see these parents making sacrifices for their families and our country.

She’s a bad-a** mom 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻🤪

Shawnna M. nominated by Christine T.

I’m nominating my best friend Shawnna M. She is such a giver and an overachiever. She recently lost her husband who was our dear friend too, unexpectedly to a heart attack.

She has been trying to stay positive for her sweet sons who are 13 and 10 and is struggling very badly mentally with the enormous loss. It’s breaking my heart. She is now down to one income, and is now home with her boys and homeschooling! She is one of the most amazing people I’ve ever met in my life and is truly an inspiration to anyone who knows her. ❤️ I’m blessed to have her in my life.

I hope you and your sweet family are well! I love being in the south and away from Ridgefield!

Stefanie G. nominated by Stefanie C.

I would like to nominate Stefanie G who is teaching German to 8th-grade students in Connecticut.

Susan L. nominated by Charlynn M.

I'm thankful for my best friend, Susan LePoire. We met on the school bus in 8th grade and 41 years later we are still best friends. We raised our children together in the same neighborhood, spent every Friday together at the mall shopping and having lunch. Life has happened good and bad, children are launched, I have moved 1500 hundred miles away but that doesn't change our love for each other. Susan will always be my BFF.

Susan S. nominated by Vickie N.

I nominate Susan S, owner and artist in residence of Joyful Arts Studio, 21 E. Baltimore St. Greencastle, PA. Susan provides instruction and therapeutic support to others including children, who use art as an outlet to express themselves and find fulfillment. I have witnessed her style of bringing happiness and joy to those who reach out for classes. Especially during these imbalanced times, Susan stepped up and initiated free and low-cost online instruction of classes previously taught in her studio. The extra time and effort to revise the way her classes are offered and upbeat Facebook posts are intended to "bring people up " and out of the current situation. She brings JOY and is a blessing to others.

Susie O. nominated by Jackie L.

I would like to nominate Susie Orr. I met her a few years ago when she and her husband, Bob, retired from the Washington D.C. area. She was a school administrator and he was a CBS news correspondent. They moved to Naples, Florida, where I live. I met her through my sorority alumni Association, Kappa Kappa Gamma. The moment I met her, I knew she was a strong leader. During these last few years, she has developed programs to build our membership and include us on social media. She also has been selected to be a Kappa trainer where she goes around to the college campuses and performs training sessions with the Kappa collegians. She truly cares about building leadership in the next generation of women! We have just elected her as our new president of the KKG Alumnae Association of Collier County. Can’t wait to see what she does next!

I can’t fail to mention that we BOTH love Cabana Life dresses! We generally drive to our meetings together and we are always looking forward to seeing which dress we each wear that day.

Taryn K. nominated by Kim K.

I would like to nominate my daughter Taryn K. She is a manager at Amazon in Sewickley PA. She manages a transplantation team of folks who are delivering all of our packages every day. She’s working on days off to take calls and working on putting together goodies for their drivers to keep them engaged. She is 26 and lives alone with her Australian Shepherd Blue. She and her boyfriend Nate are not able to see each other much as they are both still working. We won’t see her this Easter. We are all trying to just be safe so we can all celebrate many more Easters together. Her sister Kalyn Letizia @styleherstrong is also taking social distancing seriously. She has been home for three weeks with daughter Lilly. She continues to spread encouragement to others through her blog platform. Both of my girls should be nominated. We won’t see either of them even though we only live a mile from Kalyn’s family. But we have decided as a family to stay home and stay safe. Praying for your families and your team are all safe. Thank you so much.

Alice G. nominated by Elizabeth S.

I would like to nominate Alice G, my son's tutor. My son is dyslexic. Reading has always been very challenging for him. To his credit, he is a very hard worker, but school work can be very overwhelming for him. Ms. Gillan is a retired teacher who tutors full time. She has a wonderful business; the Gillan Learning Center in Duxbury, Massachusetts. When the pandemic forced schools to close; she took a class on how to teach online. With her dedication and a true passion for teaching a child to read; Ms. Gillan has been able to continue tutoring my son. I know my son will continue to make progress and I owe it all to Ms. Gillan. I am not on Facebook, but I still wanted to nominate Ms. Gillan. I will forever be grateful for her. Thank you. Best wishes for staying safe and healthy.

Pat nominated by Celia F.

Thank you for this opportunity to tell you about my friend, Pat, who is a lady that has had a difficult journey through life. Her marriages were challenging, ending due to divorce and illness. Pat has been through so much emotionally, yet her faith and positivity have kept her looking forward. She is thankful for having marriages and focuses on the pluses of each relationship. It would be so easy to become bitter; however, Pat is grateful for the experiences of goodness that occurred in each marriage. She is an inspiration in coping, living through and surviving difficult experiences with class and grace! This strong, faithful woman, has been my FRIEND since our boys, who are now 44 years old, were in nursery school together.

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