Spread Sunshine Nominations: Amazing Moms

Spread Sunshine Nominations: Amazing Moms

Successful mothers are not the ones who have never struggled, they are the ones who never give up! 

As a woman-owned business, we wanted to spread sunshine to the hardworking ladies out there during COVID-19. We asked our community to nominate amazing women they know & tell us why they are so inspiring. We were in awe of all of the nominations we received and thought that each woman deserved to be spotlighted! 

We were so excited to have so many Amazing Moms nominated. Other women celebrating mothers in our community helps to fuel these selfless ladies. They inspire, motivate and remind us to be better every single day. Whether you feel like you are crushing it or just getting by, let’s clap loudly for each other (and ourselves in the case of one amazing nomination).

Ashley W. nominated by Samantha J. 
It would be an honor to nominate my sister, Ashley W! She is a recruiter that is working from home with a 1 and 4-year-old. Her husband is working nights as a police officer. This situation is not ideal and she is giving it her all. I honestly don’t know how she does it all. The easiest fix would be turning on movies and giving the children tablets all day, but she isn’t! She is constantly providing entertainment and educational activities while working full time. From baking cookies, planting plants, frozen dance classes via YouTube, crafts, etc... Her kids will look back at the quarantine and remember it as one of the best times of their lives! I am working from home as a kindergarten teacher and am inspired by her to create the same environment for my 7 and 4-year-old. Because of her inspiration, I pray that my children will look back at this crazy situation and remember it as fun!

Batool nominated by Batool 
I know this might sound a bit selfish but I would like to nominate myself. I am a mom of four girls (13, 11, 7 and 2). My husband is a physician and so even though everyone is supposed to stay home he still has to go to work. It's been tough trying to get all the girls to stay on track with e-learning and to keep them busy with other things so that they don’t go back to being mindlessly on their devices. I have been trying to get the older 2 into cooking and trying to do art projects and take them on walks. We are blessed with a huge backyard and so we definitely take a lot of advantage of that. I feel like I'm constantly cooking to keep them happy and fed and am constantly cleaning as well. It's a huge change from our regular hustle-bustle and I can't wait for normal life to resume. I know I'm not the only mom to go through this. But honestly it just felt writing it off and telling someone else this.

Brenda R. nominated by Meghanne O. 
I would like to nominate Brenda. I live across the street from her and have a front-row view on how she has handled this pandemic so gracefully.
She is now homeschooling 2 teenagers, maintaining her home environment to be clean and healthy, including what she serves for meals and also spending quality time with her family. Her husband is the head of a residential drug and alcohol program for men and he is faced with huge decisions daily, this pandemic no exception. He is about to go into a 14-day quarantine to allow 4 new men to enter the program. She walks alongside him and supports him as he makes these decisions despite what it costs her. She also provides emotional, medical and necessary care for an elderly woman with dementia in our community. Taking her on walks, getting her groceries, spending time talking with her and helping her with medications. Not to mention, she encourages me not just through this pandemic but also my new journey of motherhood and ministry life. I’m honored to walk alongside her and believe she is an outstanding woman who deserves recognition! 

Claire D. nominated by Carrie E. 
I would like to nominate my daughter Claire. She is a mother of three children under the age of 5. She also works full time and provides healthy and organic meals for her family. Always placing her family first, she is quite an example of a dedicated Mom. 

Devon L. nominated by Elizabeth R. 
I wanted to nominate my sister, Devon Loy. Not only is she working full time at home while taking care of her three-year-old, but she’s running a smooth household. She always inspires me to have a clean house, healthy food cooked and takes time to value oneself to workout. On top of that, she’s great to lean on, a virtual online shop with, or send funny memes to. In a crazy time like this, I’ve realized how valuable family is.

Jay nominated by Jessica N. 
My dear friend Jay is a new mom. It was a long road for her to become a mom but welcomed a beautiful little lady a couple of months ago. Jay lives in an apartment in a bigger city. Her husband is away working and she’s dealing with being a brand new mom, being alone right now and making sure her mom and brother are also okay. She is such an incredibly warm person, being around her always lifts my heart. She has such positive energy and right now I know she’s struggling with everything going on and feeling alone but she keeps pushing on for her little girl. She needs some sunshine in her life! 

Jennifer S. nominated by Briannagh S.
I nominate my Mom, Jennifer. She works as a teacher’s aide. Right now she is helping our family (I have two sisters) with distant learning, staying safe and staying healthy. My Dad is in the healthcare field working 12 hour days and when he comes home, she helps him disinfect and stay safe to keep our family safe. My Mom holds down our house as a teacher, maid, chef, etc, so that my Dad doesn’t have to worry. On top of all this, my mom needed a procedure done at Sloan Kettering (she has had melanoma twice now) to remove a Dysplastic Nevis from her wrist and it was canceled and rescheduled for May 7th. She is my family’s glue and inspiration!

Kim B. nominated by Angela E.
I'd like to nominate my cousin in law Kim B. She is holding down the homefront with 3 adult kids and her husband in isolation. She has been with the family for over 30 years and I love her very much.

Kristin O. nominated by Patti T.
My daughter Kristin O. lives in FL with her husband and my 3 grandchildren. Her husband has been deployed since January. It's his 4th deployment with the Army. He'll be gone until July. My daughter is a great military wife. She's a support for the younger wives who are new to the "deployment experience".
Things were going great for them with her husband gone. The kids, ages 4, 6, and 16 months, had school, T-ball, and dance. My daughter had been doing everything herself, never complaining. Now with the pandemic and quarantine, she is REALLY alone. My husband and I are in S.C. so we can't help, and her friends there are alone with their kids so they can't come over. She's never complained or asked for help. She's just lonely. I feel so badly that we can't be with her.
I have ordered for my grandchildren from Cabana Life in the past and she's always wanted to get a rash guard like theirs. She won't spend the money on herself and even though I've tried to get her one she doesn't want me spending money on her either!😩  She's the best daughter, a dedicated nurse practitioner and the most amazing mom. 

Laura Bailey T. nominated by Martha B.
Laura has 4 young children ages 5, 4, 2, and 4 months. Because North Carolina schools are closed with the pandemic, Laura is watching all her babies all day by herself. Laura has several years of teaching experience and a Masters in Education, and she is now teaching the oldest children in their public school curriculum. Husband and father Jake does help after work and on the weekends. Even with all this responsibility, Laura still makes time to check in with our parents and other siblings. She is encouraging everyone in the family to stay calm, that the pandemic will pass, stay home, and only spend money that is necessary until things return to normal. Laura's husband is a dermatologist! Skin safety and sun-protective clothing are a HUGE priority for their family! For these reasons, I would love to nominate my sister, Laura.

Maria Z. nominated by Cindy S.
I nominate Maria Z. - she’s my baby sister and our lives are very different. I live in Central Pennsylvania and she recently moved out of the city to the suburbs of Chicago. She is married with 3 children and does training for a research software company. (I’m military and do not have children). She is smart and compassionate and has a fabulous capability of gratitude in her life. I love her.

Megan F. nominated by Dorothy V.
I’d like to nominate Megan F, my daughter. She is home with a 3-year-old and two identical 8-month-old twins. She and her husband are both holding down full-time jobs working as much as they can from home. During this time she’s working to be her best self and has now lost 31 lbs. They continue to pay the boys sitter to pay it forward. Meg gives away the boys’ clothes to others who are in need. She also assists her dad by doing his grocery shopping as he is severely compromised. She’s a blessing to so many including myself during this unique time.

Melissa H. nominated by Aaron H.
I nominated my wife, Melissa H. since she has been very incredibly hard-working - organizing a couple of work stations all over our house for our 7 1/2 year old daughter - station 1 for creative, station 2 for quiet time (book, puzzle, etc) station 3 for school time (writing, spelling, etc) and other schedules like outside activity time, snack time, lunchtime, etc. She also did the teacher planner to keep track of school activities. Also, she’s teaching our girl on her days off even though she’s full-time wonderful audiology at a hospital. Again I really am thankful for my wife for doing an amazing job. 😍

Sarah Levis D. nominated by Tommie Berry D.
Mother of a 3-year-old boy and a 1-year-old boy, and pregnant with baby boy #3 due on June 2 by C-section and just learned that her husband cannot be with her at the hospital for the birth. Oh, I forgot to mention, Sarah works full time from home as well. She is my daughter in law and I adore her. - Tommie Berry D. (melanoma survivor and loyal Cabana customer).

Shea B. nominated by Melissa H.
I would love to nominate my dear friend, Shea B. She is a working mother of three beautiful girls and not only is she having to run her full-time job from her home right now while home-schooling her tiny girl gang, but she also has a successful side hustle business that she is trying to keep going! She always finds a way to choose joy, even in the darkness and shares that with the world. She is an inspiration to so many. She has been a friend of mine for over 15+ years and I couldn’t go through this life without her positive energy and light! 

A sister nominated by Candie L.
I have been thinking about and appreciating the most amazing person ever. My sister; I have never told her and am just now realizing everything she has done for me. We were raised by a single father. She cooked, cleaned the house, worked a part-time job, managed the school volleyball team, maintained a 4.0 GPA and put up with me.
This was 25 years ago. Now she is a teacher in Memphis; works part-time as a travel agent and works another part-time job. Her daughter graduated early and is attending the University of Tennessee. Her son is still in school so she is having to teach him at home now too. Tennessee is not in session but one of her part-time jobs asked her if she could work full time now.
So um yeah,  she is kinda amazing.

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