Spread Sunshine Nominations: Healthcare Heroes

Spread Sunshine Nominations: Healthcare Heroes

As a woman-owned business, we wanted to spread sunshine to the hardworking ladies out there during COVID-19. We asked our community to nominate amazing women they know & tell us why they are so inspiring. We were in awe of all of the nominations we received and thought that each woman deserved to be spotlighted! 

Our healthcare heroes have always been shining stars, but during these dark days, their humility, kindness and strength are our nation’s guiding light in the face of adversity. They are the heart and soul of the war against COVID-19.

A big thank you to all of the healthcare heroes putting themselves in the way of danger to save others, and much gratitude to their loving support systems for enabling them to save the public.   

Kelsey B. nominated by Dee B.

I would like to nominate Kelsey B. Kelsey, who is a Physician's Assistant at a New York Hospital. During this pandemic, Kelsey has been on the front lines working round the clock to help save lives. Kelsey was exposed several times to the Coronavirus and had to be quarantined. Her last exposure two weeks ago led to her getting the virus and she was forced to stay home and recuperate. As soon as she felt better, Kelsey was back at the hospital working as many shifts as humanly possible.

Many people choose a career in the medical field, which alone is a noble profession; however, lately, these individuals have been asked to go above and beyond their normal duties and to sacrifice much more for the benefit of others. Kelsey is truly one of those individuals!  I submit to you - Kelsey as a "woman for others"

Ashley R. nominated by Teresa B.

I nominate my future daughter-in-law, Ashley R. She is a nurse in Virginia at Inova Fairfax Hospital and at the front-line of helping patients during this pandemic. She inspires me because of the love she shows for what she does. Her focus is on being the light in someone’s dark times. When she speaks about helping people, it comes naturally to her. It is evident that what she does comes from her heart. I know she would be thrilled to receive a surprise gift from Cabana Life. This would bring thoughts of sunshine, summer and bring a big smile to her face.

Courtney D. nominated by Tammy D.

I would love to nominate my daughter Courtney D. She is a brand new graduate nurse (graduated last May) and in the ICU which has become the COVID ICU, she never complains about going to work and has a wonderfully positive attitude who truly spreads the sunshine in her unit!! I am also a nurse and as of Weds this week we will be floated to COVID units. This is a tough time for all.

Courtney F. nominated by Kathy F.

Courtney is an Emergency Room physician working at TWO hospitals in Chicago. She is also the mother to three young children ages four, three and 10 months old. She works full-time taking care of all of “us” putting her needs aside while working selflessly and compassionately on the front line in the Emergency Rooms. When she leaves the hospital after 10-12 hour shifts she goes home (FIRST following the protocol to disinfect herself which usually takes about 45 minutes) and she then meets the needs of those three young little ones because she is THEIR hero... MOMMA!

Debbie J. nominated by Jenny B.

It’s my mom that inspires me on a daily basis. Let me first go back a few years to when she cared for our amazing father as he lost his battle with brain cancer. She was strong, caring and supportive for us all. Let me also add that she did this while still working her job as a nurse because she knew she would need to keep her job. Just a few short months after we lost my father, my mom herself was diagnosed with ocular melanoma. Again, her strength and determination helped her through her surgery and radiation and it’s this same strength that gets her through her fear of her MRIs every 6 months to ensure that cancer has not spread to her liver. Again, just a short time after my mom’s diagnosis, her only sister, was diagnosed with rectal cancer. It was my mom that got us all through this battle and held my grandparent’s hand as they watched their daughter lose her battle.

This brings us to today, where my mom is a shining pillar of strength and faith. She goes hard each day at her job as a nurse, particularly during the COVID19 crisis, but she cares for my aging grandparents, is there for her sister’s three girls, is a friend to my sister and I and loves her only grandson. She does all of this despite losing my dad, her sister and having cancer herself! Her faith amazes me.

My mom’s name is Debbie J and she is my inspiration each day!!

Dr. Ramona B. nominated by Dana K.

Dr. Ramona Berghea, MD - a frontline physician, treating patients with COVID -19.

Dr. Christina L. nominated by Shonn B.

Dr. Christina Littrell. She is an OB/GYN. And her husband is a general surgeon. With a two doctor household and two kids: one in high school and one in middle school.

Homeschooling and doctoring like a boss.

Her husband posted this about her yesterday.

So, Christy is walking out of the hospital today when a man pulls up to the hospital door, jumps out, and yells that his wife is having a baby. Right now. In the car. So, my wife sets down her drink, picks up a pair of gloves from the COVID-19 table by the door, and delivers the baby. In the car. To a standing ovation from the crowd that had gathered. And then, she went to her office to see afternoon patients. Yes, I married a superhero.

Dr. Courtney F. V. nominated by Mother JEN

Drum roll, please!!! 🥁🥁🥁

I would like to nominate my beautiful friend and hero, Dr. Courtney!

One of God’s angels has presented herself again and again, not only in deeds but kind words and friendship, too!! Dr. Courtney V has to be, without a doubt, the sweetest person ever- a bright and shining light 😇👩🏻‍⚕️

Courtney is not only busy on the front line, as an ER doctor, taking care of patients, but off work as well, (chasing around) caring for two beautiful, little girls, with a huge smile on her face. She is kind and gentle with such a big heart the whole world falls in!!! 

Courtney spreads sunshine everywhere she goes, even to the darkest places, as she lights up every room she enters!!🌞🌞🌞🌞🌞

She is constantly thinking of others and how to be of service, like making cards with her daughters for patients in ICU and isolation, so they know they are important and loved during this difficult time with COVID-19!!! Thank you for all you do Courtney and cabana life!!! I just love you so much for it!!!

Dr. Jamie J. nominated by Molly P.

I would like to nominate Dr. Jamie J for her sacrificial service as a physician at  Baptist Medical Center fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. She has 3 young children.

Gina M. nominated by Traci B.

I would like to nominate my friend Gina M. She is a nurse on the front lines. She works in a large urgent care facility and her husband is an ER Doctor. She is a mom of two amazing girls (17 and 16) and is very present in her life. She is a wonderful and supportive friend who will drop everything she’s doing to help me, her other friends, an animal (dogs specifically – she’s very active in the adoption community), and just anyone who needs anything. She also always does everything with a smile on her face. She works tirelessly all the time to take care of those around her. During COVID, she has been tirelessly on the front lines, working more hours just to make sure everyone has everything they need. She has always been an inspiration to me, and now especially, is one of our true heroes on the front lines!

Janet D. nominated by Dawn S.

I would like to nominate my sister Janet D. Janet, a nurse on the front lines in Albany, New York. She is on the front lines every day taking care of people with the COVID-19, while endlessly taking care of her family and our mom! Her husband and children do all they can to support her with the daily tasks of running the household while she takes care of America’s people.

My sister would truly be grateful to showcase your clothes on her 25 wedding anniversary trip which had to be canceled due to COVID-19 when she gets the chance to reschedule. She and her husband were taking a once in a lifetime trip to Australia!


Karen M. nominated by Katie M.

Someone that inspires me is my friend of over 10 years and coworker Karen M. We both work in the respiratory therapy department at Cleveland Clinic in Vero Beach. She has 2 children, one is a beautiful daughter with a rare genetic condition that requires continuous medical treatment. Despite that, Karen is always the first to step up and help others at work and in the community. I wouldn’t want anyone else by my side as we fight this virus. She is currently not able to work because she has shown symptoms of the virus and is isolated in her bedroom and unable to be around anyone for 2 whole weeks. It’s been a struggle for her trying to homeschool her children through a door and at the same time worry about her own health. I know that it would brighten her day to have some cabana life goodness considering her favorite pastime is being on the boat with her family. 

Lara S. nominated by Lane M.

I would like to nominate my sister, Lara S, as an inspiring woman. Typically she is an ER nurse in Columbus, Ohio, but as the threat of COVID-19 grew, her hospital began seeking volunteers to work the COVID-19 unit. Lara was among the first to work the drive-thru testing site at her hospital, and volunteered for the COVID unit because she is not married and does not have children; therefore, effectively taking the place of someone who has a young family at home that does not need more exposure to the virus.

I am so honored to have Lara for a sister, as this isn’t the first time she has been so selfless. Four years ago she donated part of her liver to my friend’s infant son who needed a transplant to survive. She took time off work, without full pay, for the surgery and to recover. Time and time again Lara’s selfless acts go unnoticed behind the scenes and I want her to be recognized for her caring and gentle spirit.

My job of holding down the home front, doing the homeschooling thing alone while my husband, an essential employee, works, pales in comparison to her sacrifice. Lara has sent photos of her face imprinted with mask marks from not taking it off for hours on end, all while never complaining. Please consider this selfless, inspiring woman to be your prize winner so when this is over, she can enjoy some time in the sun while being safe and protected, as well.

Leanna K. nominated by Robin K.

I would like to tell you about a special nurse, she has wanted to be a nurse for as long as I can remember! Throughout her adolescence years and teens, she has worked to make her dream a life plan!! With everything going on in the world today and all the tragedy that is happening, she preserved and goes to work with a full heart and straight forward strength that is truly eye washing, I am more than proud of this young nurse for many reasons, she’s strong-minded in what is necessary, and so kind and gentle where it is needed, please consider honoring her, her name is Leanna K, my daughter...and a true first responder.

Michelle W. nominated by Marta S.

I would like to nominate my best friend since childhood, Michelle W. She is a nurse in Racine, WI and has been working tirelessly since this started. She sent me the most heartbreaking note about how she is working 65+ hours a week and is afraid to go home and leave her team of nurses. She checks in on them multiple times a day when not there to ensure they are ok. It's not just the stress of what the virus will bring but it's also the stress of planning, ensuring they are ready, and the waiting that makes it so difficult on them. Her husband is also an essential worker which creates extra stress and worry for her as well. I thought something bright and sunny might bring her some Florida sunshine.

Here's to all of the amazing healthcare workers out there taking such great care of everyone!

Rena-Faye P. nominated by Dianne P.

I am a teacher in the Milford Public Schools (34 years), and I would like to nominate my neighbor and parent of a student in my class. Her name is Rena-Faye P and she has been working as a nurse during these trying times. Her husband is a police officer in our town, both get up and go to work every day to keep us healthy and safe.

Susan D. nominated by Emily S.

I would like to nominate my friend Susan D as a recipient for your Spread Sunshine Giveaway. Susan is the most accomplished and awe-inspiring woman that I know. I am lucky to call her a neighbor and friend.

Dr. Susan D. is one of the country's leading oncologists. She works for Penn Medicine in Philadelphia where she serves as Executive Director of the Basser Center for BRCA. Her work focuses on the genetic evaluation and medical management of individuals with inherited risk factors for cancer. In 2018, Domchek was elected to the National Academy of Medicine and was honored with the 2018 Spirit of Empowerment by the non-profit organization Facing Our Risk of Cancer Empowered. She is regularly honored as one of America's top doctors.

Most of what Susan does in her professional life is completely foreign to me. All I know is that she is one of the most respected doctors in the country and I feel like I am friends with a celebrity. Despite her brilliant mind and all of her accomplishments, Susan is one of the most down-to-earth women I know. I met Susan 14 years ago when we moved into the house across the street from her family. Over the years, our friendship has grown from neighborly courtesy to combined family vacations. Together, we have enjoyed "Bring Your Own Meat" neighborhood BBQs, ugly sweater cookie decorating contests, and some heated family game night parties. (She even taught my 8-year old how to play poker!) Susan is always there for an emergency pantry need, a pile of hand-me-down clothes or some impromptu medical advice. I can count on her for a "venting" walk around the block, a girls' night out or a hysterical night of Cards Against Humanity. I am so grateful for my friendship with Susan, and I think she embodies the qualities of someone who Spreads Sunshine!

Susan E. nominated by Margilyne W.

I would love to nominate my sister, Susan E. She is my hero. She is a newly graduated nurse practitioner. She is currently working as a nurse as needed in a free-standing ER. She was most recently a flight nurse. She is contemplating becoming a travel nurse again so she can go to New York (or where help is needed). She would be leaving her husband and children to do this. In her heart, she feels she could be an advocate for those patients in need, a relief for the overworked staff. She also states she would feel a sense of relief and that she wouldn’t be exposing her loves to the COVID virus.

Tarrah L. nominated by Michele S.

I nominate Tarrah L! She is such a ray of sunshine and brings her smile and positive attitude to help so many people. She recently experienced the tornadoes in Nashville and has been volunteering and helping many people get their lives back together. She also has been donating supplies for people who are not able to get their contacts and solutions for their eyes.

Now, with COVID-19 she is also helping with Contacts and Systane for patients’ eyes. We need many more people like Tarrah in our world!

Nicole A. G. nominated by Ann M.

I would like to nominate Nicole. She’s a 36-year-old nurse at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston.

She’s expecting her third child in June, she has a two and a half-year-old and an 18-month-old and her husband is trying to launch a new career in real estate. She has had to juggle child care, put her own health in jeopardy and get ready for what should be a very exciting time in her life while driving to Boston for her 3 long shifts. This isn’t easy for any of our health care providers but I would love to see Nicole recognized for her extraordinary selflessness.

Alicia M. nominated by Jane G.

I nominate Alicia M. She supervises the intensive care unit at a local hospital, has 3 young daughters. Her husband works in a major fire department and she still manages to be concerned about her parents and her mother-in-law (me). She and her girls love the beach and I pray that they will soon be able to enjoy the simple pleasures of a “normal” life.

Anita D. nominated by Pamela D.

My sister-in-law is a physician that has been working tirelessly 7 days in a row for 12 hours a day directly working with COVID-19 patients. She comes home and although she changes her clothes and showers, she is nervous to be near her husband and daughter. She has one armchair she will sit in, stays in the guest room, and stays six feet away from her husband and child for fear they will get the coronavirus. This is a very scary time. I nominate Anita D for fearlessly fighting to save lives during this pandemic.

Caralyn C. nominated by Valerie

I’d like to spread some sunshine to my daughter, Caralyn C, who is a nurse at Newton Medical Center. She is on the front lines helping those in ACU with COVID-19. At just 27 years old her dedication, compassion, and expertise inspire me every day! She works a 12-hour shift, comes home and sleeps, and goes right back again to face some of the worst things anyone should have to face. So thankful and inspired by her and all the healthcare workers out there!

Danna G. nominated by Melva I.

Danna G who works as APRN providing primary care in underserved communities daily throughout this crisis. I am her sister and am proud of her work on the frontlines! I also work as a mental health social worker.

Ellen D. nominated by Carolyn E.

I love this! I would like to nominate my little sister Ellen D. She is a nurse in the ER working to help patients with and without the Coronavirus while trying to raise and now homeschool three kids.

Ellen inspires me every day with the difference she is making and makes me put my stresses into perspective.

Jaime L. nominated by Debra L.

Dr. Jaime, my daughter, is a traumatic brain injury physician who is the only doctor and the medical director of an NJ (in the epicenter of the outbreak)long term care facility where brain-injured patients are rehabilitating. She goes to work after starting her two daughters (7 and 10) with their homeschooling and returns at the end of the day to finish. She adopted a dog to help her children through this and is working so hard to do so many jobs mostly with a smile and a positive attitude. It is a difficult balancing act, while not having appropriate PPE, to provide patient care, keep herself safe, not infect her family and maintain a stable home environment including sourcing food and being an educator She does not have the luxury of social distancing by staying home. She also puts on a brave front so that I do not crumble. She is a true hero.


Kat H. nominated by Dana F.

I’m a school-based speech therapist virtually doing therapy for my special needs students. I want to nominate my fellow special Ed teacher Kat H. She has gone above and beyond to help her Special needs students with their individual needs.


Kathryn F. nominated by Christina T.

I would like to nominate Kathryn F. We are both RNs in the Pediatric ICU in Columbus Ohio. Kathy is also a single Mom and manages to give love and care to all the children in the ICU as well as her own children.

These are really frightening times, and managing care on the frontlines while managing and keeping our children and family's safety at home is a 24/7 job.❤

Kathy S. nominated by Sandy B.

I’d like to nominate Kathy S. Kathy is a labor and delivery RN (I’m a PACU & COVID ICU RN), a friend, and a great mom to 5 kids. She wears many hats. And during this crisis, she is doing even more. When partners can’t be with their loved ones during the birth process, Kathy does her best to fill the void & to let new moms know that they’re not alone. She uses technology, when possible, to “bring” family to the bedside to share in the wonder of birth. It’s challenging and sad but Kathy is warm and wonderful and the best person for the job.

Kelly nominated by Traci O.

I would like to nominate my brave 24-year-old daughter Kelly. She graduated from Villanova University College of Nursing in 2017 and is working on a COVID floor at Massachusetts General Hospital. She is fighting the good fight but the numbers are growing so fast. We pray for her and her amazing fellow nurses. 

Kristie W. nominated by Amy N.

I nominate my sister. She is one of the most selfless people I know. She is the angel to everyone around her. She constantly puts everyone before herself. She gives and gives and gives and I would LOVE to see this go to her! She has been helping her daughter all the way through med school, taking care of her daily tasks so she could graduate and go on to be a radiation oncologist! Her daughter and husband had a baby two years ago so she left her husband from North Dakota to go all the way to Florida to temporarily go live with her daughter, husband, and baby while they finished med school. Her daughter gets a position back in North Dakota and they live at my sister’s and husband’s temporarily so my sister takes care of her sweet granddaughter! Not only that but she constantly is bringing our mother to doctor appointments, filling her meds, taking her grocery shopping, our mom requires lots of physical therapy she takes her to as well and always wants to be sure she is providing the same services to her mother in law! My sister ALWAYS feels it important to take them out for coffee and or lunch a couple of times a week as well! I cannot possibly tell you everything else beyond this but know there could not be a more deserving person and if you met her you would figure that out right away! PLEASE consider!! I have always wanted to do something special for her, and I thought I would give this a go!

Linda H. nominated by Kathryn H.

My mom - Linda H, is a recently retired nurse. She still provides care through parish and community nursing in her small town. From a very young age, my mom inspired me to want to be a person who helps others. The town teases that she wears an invisible halo, but it's true. She puts everyone before herself and is always thinking of ways to make the lives of others better. She not only is caring for my entire family in Michigan (where there are serious issues with Coronavirus), but she's working to make masks and other supplies for healthcare workers in her hometown. Her smile is contagious and radiates about as bright as the sun. So much so - she must wear UPF clothing ;-) She has some chronic health conditions, but nobody would know because she never complains and always worries about everyone except herself. She truly is an inspiration for the kind of mother, woman, community member I strive to be. Everyone should be so lucky as to know a "Linda" in their life.

Maryellen J. nominated by Sue N.

I nominate my sister in law, Maryellen J. She is the administrator and an RN at our local hospital in Toms River, NJ. Not only has she worked there over 25 years she is now admitted with COVID 19. We are all praying very hard for her recovery. This is a very scary time for our family. Her entire career has been dedicated to taking care of all in medical need. Now she needs it repaid with prayers. Maryellen truly deserves to be recognized. 

Michelle D. nominated by Jennifer

I would like to nominate my sister, Michelle D, who is a Nurse Practitioner in Oncology. She is a single mom, who is putting her 2 kids through college. She works in a hospital and a Dr. Office in Florida seeing patients regardless of the exposure of the Covid19 to her. I could write a book about the wonderful things she has done for friends and family and how little she does for herself. 

Pat S. nominated by Kathy G. A.

I would nominate Pat S, a nurse practitioner in an acute care hospital who I work alongside with taking care of patients on the front lines. Not only is she an inspiration to others as well as her patients she constantly has a cheery attitude, providing laughter in times of crisis and shares her expertise with everyone in her profession.

Stacey L. nominated by Vickie H.

I nominate my daughter, Stacey L. She is a CNA for a Rehabilitation facility, taking care of patients who cannot take care of themselves. She has had a hard time these past few years and had the need to deal with her own health problems but keeps plugging away, working hard to make sure the Coronavirus doesn’t get through to her patients. She truly cares about her patients and wants to make them comfortable while they recuperate, while not doing nearly enough for herself!

Taryn C. nominated by Julie C.

I would like to nominate my daughter, Taryn C. She is an ICU nurse and works at the Brigham & Woman’s Hospital. During this pandemic, she is working on the COVID floor. We are so worried about her, but she is amazing and goes to work trying to do all that she can in the most trying of times. Her concern is with the poor patients who are in the hospital fighting this virus with no family members present at their side. She is our hero.💗

Theresa E. nominated by Christina F.

A palliative care nurse working the front lines, and my high school best friend.

Victoria P. nominated by Elaine P.

I would like to nominate my daughter, Victoria P, who is an ICU Nurse at Tampa General Hospital. She is also in the front-lines fighting the Coronavirus in her hospital. She is deserving of this wonderful prize because she is one of the brave healthcare workers who have answered the call to travel to New York City and fight the Coronavirus in the worst hot-spot in the USA- Elmhurst Hospital in Queens, New York. Victoria will be working there for 13 weeks or until this pandemic is over.

Karla P. nominated by Kelly L.

I would like to Nominate Karla P, CEO of the Valley Health System in Las Vegas, Nevada and Regional Vice President of Universal Health Services (NYSE: USD).

This incredible woman and CEO is the epitome of leadership, selflessness, sacrifice, determination and lifting others up! During this COVID-19 crises, she has led the largest hospital system in Nevada through a difficult and critical time! She is working non-stop to guide her professional team through its most difficult journey.

Karla never sleeps while she continues to manage her professional and personal life with aplomb. (Her son is a lawyer and daughter is receiving her doctorate in PT in May). Karla is the most amazing mother and wife while keeping a team of 10,000 employees moving and motivated.

My friends and I, all healthcare executives, travel frequently and always someplace where there are water and serenity! Not only is Karla incredibly beautiful, but her inner beauty and strength are what she exemplifies the most.

I turned Karla onto Cabana Life, and she loves everything your company has to offer, especially anything nautical. Karla is all about the water! Whether it is a lake, ocean or gulf, she loves looking great and feeling comfortable. That’s why Cabana Life is perfect for her.

Karla is a strong, successful and a very generous woman. Her downtime is all about relaxing and wearing styles that are classic, sexy and comfortable. This is one of the most incredible women in the National health care space. She deserves to be recognized for her professional life, but also to live the “Cabana Life” that she so enjoys.

She is one in a million and deserving of the Cabana Life Recognition!

J and A nominated by Kathy C.

I would like to nominate my 2 nieces that are front line nurses working at a hospital in Chicago. They are twin sisters and usually work in the ICU and CCU. ‘J‘ has been working on the COVID-19 floor for weeks and ‘A’ is working on the ICU floor because she is pregnant.

‘J’ tested positive for COVID-19 last Thursday and is not doing well. She is a healthy 27-year-old but the virus is taking a toll on her. She took on extra shifts to help with the overwhelming need at the hospital. She worked the front lines and now has been infected. Her sister is also continuing to work despite the fact that she is expecting. They will not allow her on the COVID-19 floor but continues her work with the critical ICU patients.

These 2 young ladies are dedicated to their patients, their hospital and to all of us. This is their calling and they are making every effort to get us all through this. They are pushing forward despite the challenges and they are our heroes in this pandemic. That is why I am nominating them. They inspire me and I am grateful to have them.

Lauren M. nominated by Laura H.

I would love to nominate my amazing daughter Lauren M. She has worked tirelessly in the emergency room, with compassion and care. She has raised 3 fantastic young men and she’s a full-time nursing student. I'm so proud of her and there is no one I could think of that is truly a better person than her and anyone who knows her would tell you the same thing! Thank you for your consideration!

Monica B. nominated by Megan G.

My nomination is my dear friend Monica B. She is a NICU nurse in Va Beach, VA.

Monica has 5 children and is happily married to the love of her life Kelly. She takes care of her parents both in their 90's who also live with her. While working in the NICU years ago Monica cared for a little boy born to a drug addict mother. This little preemie baby had so many issues and was going to be given to the State for either adoption or foster care as his mom was going to jail. The little boy was going to need lots of medical attention throughout his life and this was not going to be easy and it was going to be a financial burden for whoever adopted him. Monica and Kelly decided to add him to their already full family. Baby Jude is now 9 and Monica is the best mom to him. Its a lot of work and now with the pandemic of CoronaVirus Monica is teaching him at home. As all our schools are closed. I just think Monica is very deserving of this special treat as she always puts everyone's needs in front of her own. This year was her college reunion and her 60th birthday but all is canceled due to this pandemic. If Monica would win this I feel it could be a sliver of sunshine to her world.

Savanna C. nominated by Terri E.

I want to nominate my RN daughter Savanna C, as her mom and also a nurse for 34 years and fighting with my daughter in this COVID-19 war. Savanna’s work ethics shine as she works long hours and different shifts in her N-95 mask. She is in the front lines swabbing kids and adults for COVID-19 and making sure it is a sterile field and taking it to the lab for testing. She has 2 little ones at home that her husband is taking great care of! Savanna’s smile to comfort pts is also her strength. Go, girl, your parents are so proud of you and may God keep you safe!

Sister nominated by Naomi C.

Nominating my sister, she is a doctor and working through all of this. Though she doesn’t want to talk about it, I know it's very hard to be in a hospital right now, especially as a mom.

You want to shield the scary reality of this from your elementary-aged kids, homeschool and make it seem like everything is normal. As a single mom myself of two teenage girls, who works in higher education it’s a scary time to explain and help them understand we have to stay in.

Daughter nominated by Roxane

I would love to nominate and spread some sunshine to my beautiful, amazing daughter. She is a registered nurse and a brand new mommy to a 6-month-old beautiful little girl. She returned to work in January and now has to face this terrible disease and wonder if she will get or bring it home to her daughter.

Mother nominated by Danielle P.

I’d have to nominate my mom. Not only is she a NICU nurse working all her shifts, but she also offered to take on extra shifts to help on the front line because she knows the staff is low. There is nobody else like her. She went from having an empty house (with just her and my dad) to take on a full house with my brothers and their spouses with everyone locked in one house. I am 9 months pregnant and have two girls at home and she still manages to go food shopping for us (without asking) and makes us dinner multiple times a week. She’s the most selfless person I know and would do anything for absolutely anyone and deserves the world right now!

Best Friend nominated by Lauren H.

My best friend is a delivery room nurse in Boston. PPE is a major issue and she is working 70 hours a week to bring new life into the world during crazy times.

She is amazing and we went through 9/11 together. These times are unparalleled!

The first responder is what is getting us through till tomorrow.

Allison D. nominated by Debra C.

My daughter, Allison D is a biochemist who works for Abbott Labs in Scarborough Maine.

She has been working overtime managing her lab of 30+ workers to help test and create new diagnostic test kits for COVID-19. They spent the last few weeks going through all the preliminary testing etc. and have now been in production and shipping to the front lines. She is working long hours and in addition to that work, she was counseling her workers who were sometimes anxious and/or scared and nervous about their own health and the health of their families.

She has a husband who is a surgical technician for a Maine medical center who is also on the front lines. He is working directly with physicians and patients. They have a three-year-old son who continues at essential workers’ daycare while they work long hours. They do balance shifts whenever possible.

She is a fantastic mother to a beautiful well-adjusted child. To me, She is a role model and a superhero of a woman, scientist, and as a wife and mother. She epitomizes the kind of person and citizen we need this country during this challenging crisis. I couldn’t be prouder!


Amy D. nominated by Stacy I., MD

I would like to nominate my friend and colleague, Dr. Amy D. As an ER physician she is on the front lines every shift. She is also a wife and mother of 2. Very scary times to be a Mom working in the ER!

Brenna nominated by Ethna Z.

I am nominating my 24-year-old daughter Brenna. She is an Emergency Room Nurse in NJ. She has been taking care of patients in the ER, most of them with COVID-19. She loves being a nurse but these last few weeks have been mentally and physically draining. She started to feel sick on Tuesday in the ER and has to leave. She went right to get tested and unfortunately, she tested positive for The Corona Virus. She is very upset because all she wants to do is get back to taking care of her patients. On the other hand, she is very anxious about her own health. Today, my sister and niece climbed on our roof and wanted to let Brenna know how proud they are of her and send her love from a distance. I want everyone to know that my daughter is my hero. I am also so grateful for my sister and niece for showing their love.

Char L. nominated by Chris G.

My twin sister and I are both nurses at a twin city level 1 trauma center working together as RN’s trying to get through this craziness and staying safe in the hospital. We have combined over 30-35 years of service. She is a single mother of 2 girls and I am a married mother of 2 girls. We love what we do and enjoy helping people in need. It is extremely scary as we face this with a lack of PPE. We are given 1 surgical mask to wear for the entire day. And 1 N95 mask per week or soiled.

Dr. Leila B. nominated by Cara B.

I would like to nominate Dr. Leila B. She practices internal medicine alongside her husband, an oncologist.

Since this pandemic happened they have had a huge increase in patients calling, showing up at the office, making appointments, etc. They have also had to juggle time with their own children. In addition, they have managed to take time out of their insane day to field questions via social media from patients, friends, and family around the world! (Did I mention they each speak at least 5 languages).

Leila is absolutely and tirelessly dedicated to helping her family, her community, her patients and others from around the world.

Emily nominated by Alicia F.

I would like to nominate my daughter Emily. She is a recent graduate working as a Labor and Delivery Nurse on Long Island NY. Many patients are COVID-19 positive. She has given up her vacation days to help out. Many colleagues are sick. She has worked so hard during this difficult time and gave so much of herself to help others.

Kate O. nominated by Sloan K.

I would like to nominate Kate O, an ER nurse in Queens, NY. She suffered through COVID 19 then returned back to work...Abounding courage, selfless risk in facing fear, uncertainty, and overwhelming circumstances. I hope she survives because it’s getting worse. 

Kieran C. nominated by Carol C.

I would like to nominate Kieran C - mother and COVID-19 floor nurse at Beverly Hospital. She has two young boys and is an amazing nurse and mom!

Kim M. nominated by Brenda M.

I’d like to nominate Kim M. She’s a nurse working from home and has a family of six living in the house. She’s working hard to keep things balanced including working, supporting three kids with their online lessons, and all the other necessary household chores. I admire her for the fun entertainment of any ideas she comes up with so things do not get too boring. Oh, did I tell you she’s also enrolled in online classes to further support her nursing career?

Marygaye T. nominated by Michele K.

My name is Michele and I would like to nominate my best friend, Marygaye T. She is an emergency room nurse at a hospital in Boston. She is originally from the state of Wisconsin but moved to Boston with her husband last summer for his job. They are both nearing retirement and looking forward to coming back to the Midwest. She is an awesome nurse helping so many people during this time of crisis. If Marygaye is picked you would definitely bring a HUGE smile to her face...we both purchased one of your dresses last year while on vacation in Key West!!!

Megan W. nominated by Jill N.

I would like to nominate my daughter Megan W. She is a critical care Nurse Practitioner in Virginia. She works with a Pulmonary group and has been working on the front line with critical patients. She is juggling being a wife and mother of a two-year-old, trying to keep them safe. I admire all of my four daughters! Our oldest is in Atlanta and has turned into a temporary homeschool teacher for her two sons. Our Third daughter is finishing Seminary School and will not be having her graduation. Our youngest daughter is an Occupational Therapist from Charlotte working in the hospital during these trying times. I am a retired Nurse Practitioner but never had to deal with what all of the health professionals are dealing with now. My heart goes out to all of them for their dedication.

Melissa H. nominated by Lisa D.

I would like to nominate my daughter, Melissa H. She is a Nurse Practitioner in Charleston, South Carolina. She is hands down the most compassionate, caring, selfless, kindest woman I know. She ALWAYS puts everyone first before herself, and I mean always!! She is now getting ready to travel to New York City to help and work and care for COVID 19 patients. It’s just one more selfless thing she does. And did I mention brave? Painstakingly brave!! She spreads sunshine everywhere she goes! She inspires me more than words could ever express.

Somatra S. nominated by Alexandra C.

I would love to nominate my coworker Somatra S. We are both psychiatric nurse practitioners and needless to say things have been very challenging for many of our patients during this unprecedented and unsure of times. Our phones have been off the hook with trying to make sure all of our patients receive the support they need and regular work hours have been in excess of the 40 hours we are paid for. Somatra and I are also both adjunct clinical faculty for Salve Regina University. We work with senior nursing students and teach their mental health clinical rotations. She teaches on Mondays and I teach a Friday group as well as a weekend group. Needless to say, we have both been working extra hard switching to a remote educational system and creating lessons for our 24 nursing students, on top of our 40 hours a week psych nurse practitioner job. This past week I worked a regular 40 hour week seeing patients and an additional 15 hours this weekend remotely teaching senior college students. It’s been a hectic time, but I am so proud and inspired by all of the healthcare providers I have been seeing going above and beyond every single day to help save others.

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