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Spread Sunshine Nominations: Grandmothers, Mothers, & Daughters

Spread Sunshine Nominations: Grandmothers, Mothers, & Daughters

As a woman-owned business, we wanted to spread sunshine to the hardworking ladies out there during COVID-19. We asked our community to nominate amazing women they know & tell us why they are so inspiring. We were in awe of all of the nominations we received and thought that each woman deserved to be spotlighted! 

The special love between a mother and daughter is unbreakable, a powerful force to be reckoned with even in a pandemic. Get inspired by these mother-daughter nominations that prove a daughter is just a little girl who grows up to be your best friend. 

Brittany nominated by Terri E.

My granddaughter Brittany, age 22, always inspires me. At age 18, she thought she might want to be a nurse like me and my youngest daughter Savanna because we enjoyed nursing and right now we are super busy fighting this war on COVID-19! Then at age 19, Brittany, a beautiful strong girl joined the Navy and loves serving our Country! She is coming home after 3 years this summer for her vacation! We are so proud of her! She made her choice and she is doing outstanding ️

Meaghan R. nominated by Andrea S.

This is a wonderful thing. I would love to nominate my daughter Meaghan R. She is the mother of a 9-month-old adorable boy and a high school English teacher. I take care of my grandson for her full time so she can continue to teach, that is until the pandemic.

Everything changed for everyone. My grandson is the beneficiary of this being able to spend every day with her now. He is a very busy little boy which makes it a little difficult for her to teach remotely and take care of him. She loves to teach and misses her students greatly, she is a very dedicated teacher and her students love her. We live in Massachusetts and the weather right now isn’t wonderful. This would bring a little sunshine to her in this difficult time. 

Melissa B. nominated by her Mother

I am nominating my daughter, Melissa. She is definitely in need of some “sunshine” in her life. She has been “rising to the occasion” in so many ways. My mother (her Nana) was in assisted living and even though she was in the same state, she was many hours away. As my mother’s health declined, and the virus has kept me from flying from Florida to help, she would have been denied entrance to see her if she flew. So, even though she has a husband and child at home she drove the 7 hours to gain entrance to her assisted living and was able to spend the time that night with her Grandmother before she passed in her sleep.

I felt helpless to not be able to fly to California from Florida, but my daughter was able to be the ultimate caregiver when it mattered most — their relationship was always special, but the memories of her last few hours were a gift that my daughter was able to give her. Therefore I hope you can add a little sunshine to her life right now.

Daughter-in-Law nominated by Dale W.

I would love to send one to my wonderful daughter in law.

Mother nominated by Lauren

I nominate my mother. She was a single mother for many years and always wanted a great life for me. She worked three jobs and then started her own home care business in 2012 with $250.00 and today my mother has 70 employees and is in business for 8 years. My dad, she took care of for years and had it very hard and he recently passed away. She still divorced and for many years she took care of most of his burial. She is a great woman with a huge heart. Please consider she’s always there for everyone else.

Andrea O. nominated by Alice R.

I nominate my daughter, Andrea O, for her dedication to her students. April 3rd marked the end of nine weeks of distance learning for Discovery College ( a Kindergarten – year 13 international school) in Hong Kong. Andrea has been teaching from her tiny apartment throughout this time period which will extend beyond the Easter Holiday Break, and maybe till the end of this school year on June 23rd. During this time, Andrea has worked to engage her students in meaningful activities while letting them know she cares about their educational endeavors as well as their mental well being. She has shared letters and notes of thanks from students who acknowledge and appreciate her efforts. I am proud of her dedication to these students of many nationalities who are finishing their school year from their homes or a quarantine center.

Brittany H. nominated by Nathalie G.

Hello! I would like to nominate Brittany H. She’s my daughter in law and the girlfriend of my elder son. Brittany was born in Ontario, Canada, and she didn’t speak French at all when she came into Québec city to live with my son. Since she arrived in Québec City, she took French courses each week. She took part in a different sports team to integrate herself. Also, she began a full-time job teaching to young children and she’s working a lot to complete her master’s in disabilities. We are proud of her because she has done a lot of effort to take an active part in our family.

I’m proud of myself too because I wrote this little text in English and that’s not my first language.

Cara Lee W. nominated by Melissa F.

I would love to nominate my daughter Cara Lee for the $100 gift certificate. She certainly is deserving, she’s a beautiful (inside and out) hard-working young lady who is an “essential” employee during the Coronavirus Pandemic. Cara is the other half of my butterfly. She would look fabulous in one of your pieces from Cabana Life!

Diane M. nominated by Amanda M.

I would like to nominate my mom, Diane M. As a homecare PT on the front lines, she would selflessly for all the laundry and cook each day so that I could come home to a hot meal after working extended hours recently. Now, since being diagnosed with COVID-19 myself, she is selflessly making me any soup that I ask for and making me tea and lemon water in between meticulously scrubbing the house to ensure nobody else in the family gets sick, without ever complaining.

Dorothy H. nominated by Krista H.

My mom Dorothy - caring, loving and kind.

Jean C. nominated by Nicole M.

I would like to nominate Jean Causey, aka mom, as my hard-working lady. My mom is always hard working and someone to be looked up to, but during this COVID-19 pandemic, she’s really running on all cylinders and hasn’t missed a beat. We live in NY, the epicenter of this issue, where she’s a home health aid for a 90-year-old man with Alzheimer’s. Both of his children have been sick so she’s stepped up to take care of him full time. She also still has two tweens now at home full time. Cooking and cleaning are always tasks of a mom but now she’s a full-time teacher, aid and entertainer. She’s amazing!

Kimberly H. nominated by Janet H.

I would like to nominate my daughter Kimberly Holt. She is the owner of a clothes boutique ( Cage-Free Boutique ) in the small town of Clayton, GA. Like so many small businesses, she has had to close her doors to the public and has been trying very hard to get her online shop going. She is a mom with two girls, a 3-year-old and an 18-month-old. Kimberly, like so many other women-owned/operated businesses, is struggling to keep home and business going while trying to keep the days fun/exciting for her children. She is a fighter and I know she will be OK but I know she could use some sunshine now.

Mary Claire nominated by Mary L.

I am nominating my beautiful wonderful daughter, Mary Claire. She is a Mom of four great children She is a school teacher. She is homeschooling her children along with teaching her classes online. Cooking,  baking and finding projects for her children daily! Last week the children decorated a 4-foot Christmas tree for Easter! I am not tech-savvy enough to send pictures. She deserves this gift.

Mindy nominated by Louise D.

My daughter-in-love, Mindy, is the person I would love to nominate. She is a pediatrician who is working two days a week taking care of our precious little ones. On the other days, she is homeschooling three of our grandchildren at three different levels and taking care of our four-year-old grandson. Besides that, she is doing the cooking, cleaning, and laundry as so many others are doing. Thanks for allowing me to nominate her.

Mom nominated by Rachel D.

I'd like to Nominate my Mom. She works hard and always looks out for me and my brother. When my Dad deployed she took the role of both parents even while working a full-time job as a Nurse. She did this more than once. She made sure that we had everything that we needed not everything we wanted. I love her very much and I'd like to be able to give her something even though she will tell me that I don't need to give her anything at all. So this may brighten up her day.

Rachel S. nominated by Laurence S.

I nominate my daughter Rachel for the most inspiring woman. She is a middle school teacher who suddenly has to teach remotely. She puts so much time in preparing lessons, contacting each child and teaching and inspiring all students.

She is also a mother of 2 school-age girls, she has to help with homeschooling. She had to help them understand what is going on with the health pandemic and try to keep life as normal as possible for her husband and daughters.

She also helps take care of her father who has been sick and makes sure we have the necessary food we need. She is a loving teacher, mother, daughter, and wife. Therefore I nominate her for being an inspiration to her family and her students.

Samantha M. nominated by Bernie D.

I need to nominate my sweet daughter Samantha, she is an art teacher and they closed the studio down for the “stay at home” quarantine in Boca Raton, Florida, but she has continued to reach out on zoom with an art sip and paint class to help all those losing their grip being cooped up at home. She is bringing some joy and fun and laughter to many to keep them from getting depressed with what is going on in our world right now. Besides this she is a kind, compassionate, hard-working girl who never buys anything for herself, this would be such a great surprise for her, she would love your items to pieces, this is a way I can help thank her and brighten up her life a little bit more, thank u for this wonderful opportunity.

Samantha V. nominated by Deborah H.

I want to nominate my daughter Samantha V. She is inspiring to so many people and especially me as her mother. She’s strong, courageous, inspiring, smart, beautiful, a wonderful mommy, wife, friend and is not selfish. She takes care of her family humbly and is hard at work planting gardens, raising chickens and taking care of the home front. She is so deserving of this prize.

Sarah N. nominated by Bronwen J.

Sarah N, my daughter who just brought home her preemie little boy after four and a half months in the hospital. She and her husband went to the hospital almost every day, took care of a three-year-old and held down jobs. She is an amazing person and a wonderful mother, wife, and daughter.

Savanna nominated by Yvonne S.

My daughter Savanna is who I am nominating. She helped me for 2 years when her dad was going through radiation, chemotherapy, hyperbaric oxygen treatments and so much more! She was with us through it all. We lost my husband in November of 2018. She has been there for me through everything. She is married with 4 young children, runs her own business and this last year went back to school for nursing.

Now with schools closed she has to help teach her children along with her own classes. Her love and strength are deserving of this nomination.

We all need a little happiness during this time. Thank you for your time.

Shauna Farrell S. nominated by Kathy S.

I like to nominate my daughter in law Shauna. She is a corporate attorney in NYC working for a large international bank. Since Mar 16 she has been working at home along with my son, a Wall Street trader. Nothing crazy there but they are in a 2 BR apartment in Brooklyn. Along with 5 1/2 and 1 1/2 boys. They have been vigilant in staying put in order to slow this monster down. Shauna has been so good at managing the family, ordering groceries online, doing the wash, cooking and trying to keep up with her job. I spoke to her yesterday and got the feeling she overstressed. I wish I could do something but are in NJ under stay and place orders. Shauna is not total prep but mixes her wardrobe up. She loves the beach and vacations up in the Cape and weekends down with us at the Jersey Shore. Anyway, I'm looking for something to boost Shauna’s spirit!

Veeka H. nominated by Nicholle H.

I would like to nominate my 18-year old daughter. As a senior this year, she has lost her prom, her graduation and her chance to showcase her senior project. She has met this new reality by taking this time to “glow up” - she is eating healthier, exercising and trying to create a wonderful new way to embrace life. I thought that she would be depressed and see only the losses and fear that are all around her now, but she instead has risen and has given me hope and comfort!! With her embracing a healthy way of looking at her future, I would love this for her!

Christie D. nominated by Mila D.

I nominate my mother. She is a mom of two teenagers, a wife a sister and a daughter. She works full time as a Vice President of Education for a vocational school for underprivileged young adults. She gives her heart and soul to everything and everyone she cares about. Not only is she there for her family every step of the way, but she has also most recently put together a fundraiser for a high school friend with a degenerative disease as well as sits daily and makes masks for the local police station and medical offices. I know she sounds unreal but she is an incredible woman who has worked her way through college and law school. She has given me and my brother so much love and support and we are forever grateful. She is a woman that says no and will put others first. I nominate my mom Christie DeGregorio, the most incredible woman I know and love.

Laura P. nominated by Tina P.

My daughter, Laura, inspires me. She is a cute, young mom. She has a wicked sense of humor and her friends and family love her for it. She gardens. She surfs. She reads, reads, reads. She loves to travel and camp. She has the biggest heart for animals. She owns three dogs who love her and she protects and loves wildlife. But, most importantly, she quietly and steadfastly works as a BCBA, a Board Certified Behavior Analyst. She creates, oversees, and implements behavior programs for children in her school district. She loves it and she is very good at it, I mean very good. Her vision and direction and fortitude for this both humble me and delight me. I am her mom and I’m learning from her about this world we live in because her generous spirit draws me into a bigger world.

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