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Plan the Perfect Galentines / Valentine's Day

Plan the Perfect Galentines / Valentine's Day

What is better than a romantic Valentine’s date with your significant other? Galentine’s with all of your besties. There’s nothing like sitting on the couch with your closest friends, sipping on wine, stuffing yourselves with chocolate covered strawberries and watching your favorite rom-coms. It’s truly only for the girls. We put together the perfect Galentine’s guide to make sure you and your girlfriends have the most fun night.


You can’t have a get together without some delicious food! Check out some of these ideas to make sure you are stuffed by the end of the night.

Board Party

Tell each of your friends to bring a themed board for the night. They can all range from a fruit platter (even with some chocolate dip), a cheese board, a sushi board, a dessert board or a meat board! Check out this TikTok to find some more inspiration.

Homemade Pizza

Have each person make a mini homemade pizza with the toppings of their choice! Make the dough from scratch or check out your local grocery store for pre-made dough to make your life easier. Lay out all the toppings in bowls (from pepperoni to mushrooms to banana peppers) and get creative! Don’t forget to drizzle some spicy honey on them after baking for the perfect finishing touch. If you’re wanting to keep things simple (and so much easier), order in from your favorite restaurant. 


Love Potion Cocktail from HelloFresh

You can’t have Galentine’s without cocktails! Have everyone bring ingredients for their favorite drinks to have an assortment. Or, check out our Valentine’s Cocktail blog for a charming pink drink. P.S. The best parties have mocktail options so everyone can be included! Make sure to have some sparkling water or soda to substitute.

Get fancy with making your drinks using cute decorations! Find some fun shaped glasses & other heart-shaped decor on Amazon. Fun tip: rim your glass in frosting and red and pink sprinkles for an easy colorful detail.

Bottle of Veuve Cliquot and a glass of pink drink with cotton candy

Instead of a fruit or lemon wedge, opt for something sweeter & cuter: cotton candy! You can eat it or dip it in your drink for some extra sugar. 


Strawberry Cake

Now we are getting to the best (and most delicious) part. Check out our Valentine’s Day Recipe blog for a Strawberry Cake recipe. For a quick & easy dish, buy some strawberries and chocolate melts to make chocolate covered strawberries. 

Making valentine's cookies.

For a fun activity, make Valentine’s Sugar cookies! Find your favorite sugar cookie recipe and order some heart shaped cookie cutters and icing pipes. Top the cookies with pink, red and white icing designs of your choice.

Ordering dessert in is always a great option! Check out Jeni's Valentine’s Day Collection for 6 pints of the most delicious ice cream you will ever taste. Or, order the Milk Bar Sampler for a range of sweet treats from truffles to cookies. Supporting local businesses is so important! Check out small bakery businesses around your area for Valentine's Day specials.

Things to Do

Who doesn’t love getting flowers for Valentine’s Day?! Have each person bring a type of flower of their choice and everyone can create their own unique bouquet. From carnations to roses to baby's breath, the combinations are endless. 

Board games are always a crowd favorite! Buy an Unsolved Case File and spend hours together looking at clues and evidence to discover who is the murderer. Plus, you can’t go wrong with a simple game of charades or Uno.

You've Got Mail

Image provided by Nile FM

Romantic comedies were made for nights like this. After you are filled from dinner & dessert, relax on the couch with your besties and watch your favorite movies. Not sure what to watch? We suggest The Proposal, You’ve Got Mail, 13 Going on 30 or How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days.

Gables Sleeveless Ruffle Dress

Galentines is all about showing your favorite people that you love and cherish them. No matter what you end up doing with your closest friends, make sure you take tons of pictures to capture this fun night! Don’t forget to dress the part. Check out our new Coral Gables Collection to find a fun pink outfit you feel and look your best in.

Our Coral Gables Sleeveless Ruffle Dress or Palazzo Pants with a cozy white sweater are perfect for it. Check out our What To Wear on Valentine's Day Blog for more inspiration. We have sun safe style for any occasion!  

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