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Charcuterie Board with grapes, crackers, and figs

Napa Valley: Rosé Charcuterie Board Guide

Image provided via: Modern Glam

We’re in our favorite country in the world… wine country! Napa Valley has called us to its gorgeous vineyards and we’re ready to raise a glass. The vibrant corals & pinks of our Napa print make us want to escape to this land of wine & vine. And what pairs better with pink than a glass of rosé? 

To help you see the world through our rosé colored glasses, we made a charcuterie board guide that’ll bring the aroma of Napa home to you. Following the guides created by Ashley of Modern Glam and Wine 365 we’ve curated a charcuterie board that perfectly pairs with rosé. 

Grab your wine glasses & get ready to serve this amazing app up at your next party, girls night or book club!

Cheese knives and cheese on white marble

​​Image provided via: Wisconsin Cheese

Boards & Cheese Knives

You can choose anything from silver trays to wooden cutting boards as long as the surface is flat & smooth. Have a few small dip bowls handy for jellies and nuts. It also helps to select your board depending on the size of your party. For cheese knives don’t just grab any butter knife, find elegant sturdy knives that can slice through & serve a variety of cheeses. 

Meat roses on charcuterie board
Image provided via: Scrambled Chefs

Meats & Cheeses

Rosé is a light & crisp wine so when choosing meats & cheese opt for lighter fare. Place fresh or mild cheeses like brie & soft goat cheeses at different corners of your board. Thinly sliced sopressata or salami rolled can add much needed protein. And if you’re feeling creative combine sweet & savory by wrapping melon in prosciutto. 

Have some fun with your board & layer in roses made with meat. This simple step-by-step from Scrambled Chefs is sure to impress your guests. Using a wine glass, place sliced meat over the rim of the glass so that it creates a layer that covers the entire rim & overlaps each other. This usually needs only 3 to 4 slices & will be the layer with the least amount of sliced meats. Add a second row of sliced meat so that it overlaps the first layer of meat covering the "seams" with a fresh piece of meat. Keep repeating the process & make about 4-6 rows until you’re pleased with the size of it. Then mix the roses in with the other items on your board.

Honey in jar with dipper
Image provided by: Mariana Ibanez


It’s time to top it all off! For a sweet twist to any charcuterie combo add honey or berry preserves. And for more sour savory flavors have a balsamic glaze. Think light, sweet and/or sour when choosing condiments, any condiment that’s too heavy bodied could over power the delicate taste of rosé. 

Cheese and grapes on charcuterie board
Image provided via: Modern Glam

Fruits & Nuts

Compliment the fruity & herbal herbal undertones with fresh strawberries and raspberries. Dried fruits can also be a less messy option for your board. If your fave Rosé has more citrus notes, slice up some oranges to serve. Untoasted almonds or cashews will accent your board nicely & bring a nutty flavor to the palette. Our favorite nuts can be found at Trader Joe’s seasoned with rosemary, truffle & more.

crackers and cheese
Image provided via: Scrambled Chefs

Bread & Crackers

You can never go wrong with a sliced baguette or breadsticks. But make sure you also have a crunchy cracker for spreading cheese or preserves. Trader Joe’s and Target have flavored crackers, like Fig & Olive and Rosemary, that add a fun crunch when layered with your fave cheese and spread.

Optional: herb garnishes. A sprig, or two, of rosemary or basil can add a wonderful aroma & aesthetic to your board. They can also be used to separate sweets from savories.

Napa Off The Shoulder Dress

Complete the Look

Don’t know what to wear? Be the hostess with the mostess in our Napa Off The Shoulder Dress. Plus, learn more about this bright & beautiful print in our Behind the Design: Napa Print blog. 

We can’t wait to grab a glass of rosé & sample these pairings! We hope our Napa print brightens your day & makes packing for your next adventure that much easier. Stay sun safe & explore all of our new arrivals. If you’re lucky enough to be traveling to Napa soon, check out our travel guide for our fave hotels, restaurants, wineries & things to do. 

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