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What to Wear to Golf

What to Wear to Golf

Playing golf is an excellent way to enjoy the weather, socialize and get some exercise. But long days in the sun can take a toll on your skin. Even though you slather on the sunscreen, you’re exposed to UV rays all day, including when you sit down for post-game drinks al fresco.

Covering up doesn’t have to mean more layers of sticky sunblock or clothing that’s too warm for the weather. Sun protective clothing with UPF 50+ is ideal for golf because it’s breathable and acts as the first line of defense against harmful rays. Plus, it feels luxurious against your skin as you pursue your game.

Here are some of the top sun safe pieces to wear on your golf outings this year.

Collared Shirt

Most golf courses and clubs require players to wear collared shirts. But the typical white cotton polo only has a UPF of about 5. Plus, when choosing a golf shirt, you often have to choose between function and fashion. You can keep your skin safe from the sun and look great doing it with one of the collared shirts from the Cabana Life Sport Collection.

White Sport Zip Polo

The Sport Zip Polo has everything you need to perfect your stroke. With a lightweight UPF 50+ fabric and mesh underarms, this piece helps you stay cool & comfortable. It keeps your arms covered from shoulder to wrist while protecting your neck and upper body from the sun. Plus, you can wear it off the course. It’s perfectly suited for a casual dinner or by the pool.

Adjustable Ventilation

Days on the golf course can get warm, and breathable clothing helps. 

Navy Stripe Sleeveless Sport Zip Polo

The Sleeveless Sport Zip Polo has a zipper for easy adjustments out on the course. Zip it down to take advantage of the breeze. Zip it up if it gets chilly or you want to protect the delicate skin on your neck and chest from the sun. No sleeves make this top especially cool, and a variety of patterns lets you work it into your wardrobe seamlessly. Layer it with a long sleeve shirt for added warmth and protection.

Impressive Dresses

St. Pete Sport Zip Dress

Although a dress probably isn’t the first image that comes to mind when you think about what to wear for golf, it’s one of the most versatile pieces in our Sport Collection. Our golf dresses keep you covered and cool. Plus, they have collared shirts so you don’t have to worry about sacrificing style while you swing. 

Windermere Sleeveless Sport Dress

And if you need another reason to try out a dress for golf, here’s one: the Sleeveless Sport Dress has pockets! If you need a dress with long sleeves, check out the Sport Zip Dresses, which features the same pockets and half zipper as well as a color block panel along the arm.

Moisture-Wicking Fabric

Coral Gables Sleeveless Sport Dress

Stay cool and comfortable on the course with moisture-wicking fabrics. These help you regulate your temperature in any weather by pulling moisture to the outer layer, where it’s no longer in contact with your skin. Because our designs are meant to be worn in or out of the water, you’ll be surprised at how quickly they transform from drenched to dry. This translates to improved airflow because the channels that let water escape also let air flow in.

All of our designs from the Sport Collection are made from our signature luxurious moisture-wicking, sun safe fabric. These versatile pieces are ready to go from the course to the country club – and beyond! Keep up with the latest prints and styles by following us on Instagram, Facebook & Pinterest. Become an insider to get rewarded for shopping & staying sun safe.