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Top 10 Island Destinations

Dreaming of the Island Life? Jet Off to One of Our Top 10 Island Destinations

From breathtaking ocean views to amazing weather, there’s nothing quite like island life – especially when you're in the throes of winter. Whether you’re planning a beach vacation or simply dreaming of an escape, there are many options to choose from. Which begs the question: How do you decide? We’ve got you covered. Below, we’re breaking down 10 of our favorite island destinations.

1. Santorini, Greece

There’s a reason why Santorini is a popular spot for beach bums in love. Turquoise waters, flavorful Mediterranean food, and unique red and black sand beaches make this Greek island a one-of-a-kind destination. The best part? Santorini sunsets are truly magical, causing crowds to “[break] into applause as the sun disappears below the horizon,” raves Lonely Planet.

2. Key Largo, Florida, USA

Located just one hour south of Miami, Key Largo is the perfect escape for city slickers. Water sport enthusiasts will feel at home on this island, which is somewhat of a mecca for everything from snorkeling to scuba diving and paddleboarding.

3. Bora Bora, Tahiti

One of the many enchanting islands belonging to the South Pacific’s French Polynesia, Bora Bora is 18 miles of pure beach bliss. Known as “the Romantic Island,” this Tahitian gem boasts secluded beaches, intimate resorts, and a calm, quiet atmosphere that adds to its serenity.

4. The Maldives

It takes serious time and money to get to this Indian Ocean paradise, but the remote location only adds to its allure. Alabaster white sand beaches, remarkable resorts, and spectacular sunsets are just a few of the reasons why this island nation is a can’t-miss destination.

5. Maui, Hawaii, USA

It’s not for nothing that Maui earned the top spot on the US News & World Report’s ranking of the best beaches in the country. Travelers have long flocked to Maui for its bountiful beaches, diverse attractions, and rich culture.

6. Phuket, Thailand

For a best-of-both-worlds beach vacation, look no further than the white sand beaches and bustling nightlife of Phuket. One of the most popular locations in Thailand, US News & World Report, celebrates Phuket for its “cosmopolitan flair [and] rugged beauty.”

7. Turks and Caicos

If you love to dive or you've always wanted to give it a try, Turks & Caicos – home to one of the world’s largest reef systems – is the place to be. Factor in glorious beaches, glamorous hotels, excellent year-round weather, and unbeatable accessibility, and this Caribbean hotspot is hard to beat.

8. Seychelles

Seychelles is a perennial contender on “best beaches” lists, and for good reason. Stunning beaches, fascinating marine life, and fabulous resorts and restaurants make this archipelago off the coast of East Africa the ultimate beach getaway.

9. The Azores, Portugal

Close to the US but with the feel of being worlds away, this volcanic island chain in the North Atlantic boasts lush landscapes, dramatic black-sand beaches, and extraordinary culture and history. Whether you want to hike a volcano or surf the crystal-clear waters, the Azores offer something for everyone.

10. Palawan, Philippines

Outstanding beachside resorts, exquisite natural beauty, and world-class diving are a few of the things that make the Philippines’ Palawan a favorite spot for snowbirds. There’s no better time than now to visit: You’ll find the best weather during the dry months between October and mid-June.

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