Survival Tips For Traveling With Kids

Survival Tips For Traveling With Kids

Traveling with the family can help you bond...or it can wreak havoc on your stress level. When you have kids, a weekend getaway can seem like more trouble than it’s worth. However, you can escape without letting the kids ruin your vacation. Here are some tips for traveling with kids that will make you say “aaaahhhh” instead of “ack!”

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When you travel alone, you can cut corners & run through the airport if need be. When you travel with kids, everything seems to take three times as long. Instead of letting that stress you out, embrace it and expect it.

Give yourself more time to do just about everything, and know that even though you want to head out the door & get to the beach now, it isn’t going to happen. You can’t be as spontaneous when you have kids around. Accepting this will help you to have fun anyway.

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No matter what your 11-year-old says, you can’t be confident in their packing skills. You don’t want to end up on vacation with the kids & no underwear or swimsuit. Pack your child’s suitcase & essentials. If your child really wants to be responsible for packing, let them pack a small backpack of extras.

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In addition to your kids’ favorite stuffed animal, toys & PJs, it’s important to pack snacks. Even if you’re going to an all-inclusive hotel with food available around the clock, it’s nice to have something to eat during the trip you know they'll like.

Also, when your child wakes up at the crack of dawn, it’s nice to have food in the room. It can even earn you another few hours of sleep.

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You never know how noisy your hotel will be. If you have to bunk up with the kids, going to bed can be harrowing.

A white noise machine or app on your phone can help the whole family catch some Zs. There are even 8-hour white noise videos and songs on YouTube and Spotify. It will drown out the sounds of nightlife going on outside, and it might even let you & the hubby get some together time enjoying the balcony views after the kids go to sleep.

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Even if you’re not going to the beach, if you’re planning on spending any time outside, you need to protect your skin. Sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30 is an absolute must.

You can give yourself even more peace of mind by covering up with UPF 50+ clothing & swimwear. It gives you one thing less to worry about. In addition, covering your little ones with sun protective clothing is a lot less tantrum-inducing than slathering on sunscreen. See our new arrivals for our latest sun safe styles the whole family will love! Choosing the best swimwear for your little one can be hard, here's our tips for finding the perfect suits for your kids.

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If you’re heading to the beach with a toddler, you could be spending more time pulling your child out of the waves than anything. Make it easier on everyone by packing a small, inflatable kiddie pool. This will keep the little one cool, contained & safe so you can actually put your feet up. It takes up practically no space, and you can fill it up with the cup that your piña colada came in if need be. You’ll fill it up with seawater too, of course. 

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It’s probably obvious that you’ll bring some of your child’s favorite toys & games. Still, kids get restless. Give your child a camera and let them go to town taking photos. It will give them responsibility & something to keep her entertained. Plus, you’ll have a whole bunch of photos of your vacation taken from an unexpected perspective.

We hope these tips make your next family vacay a little easier. No matter where your adventures take you we’ve got you covered with fashionable sun protection. Our UPF 50+ styles are made to keep you sun safe & stylish all year long. Explore our Mommy & Me or Daddy & Me collections to find adorable styles to mix and match! 

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