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The Lazy Woman's Guide To Sun Protection

The Lazy Woman's Guide To Sun Protection

Do you avoid using sunscreen every day because it takes time to slather it on? Have you avoided making sun protection a habit because it seems like just another thing to add to your busy schedule?

The American Academy of Dermatology estimates that 20 percent of Americans will develop skin cancer in their lifetime. We have put together a lazy woman's guide to sun protection to help you fine-tune your skincare routine so that you don't become a scary statistic.



The easiest way to protect yourself against the sun is to stay inside. But, of course, that's not realistic or desirable. You love to go outside and get fresh air. Plus, even the UV rays that get through glass can have aging effects on your skin.

The solution is to cover up as much as you can. You don't have to cloak yourself in a snowsuit all summer long. Our modern UPF 50+ clothing blocks up to 98 percent of damaging UV rays but feels luscious on your skin and looks absolutely chic.

You'll notice that our sun protective dresses and beach cover ups have long sleeves that offer more coverage than a strappy sundress. Cabana Life rashguards shield your skin better than a plain white T-shirt. The best part is that you can simply pull on one of these fashions and slip out the door!


If you never leave the house without moisturizer or foundation, make sure that you're using products with SPF. If you're not spending the day in direct sunlight, you can get away with using cosmetics with SPF 15. Although you probably don't use as much foundation as you might use sunblock on your face, layering an SPF-containing powder over a foundation over a moisturizer can help you stay covered. You won't have to take an extra step to protect your face.


You might be tempted to keep sunscreen in your car. We recommend against that because extreme heat can cause the sun-blocking chemicals to deteriorate. Instead, keep a can of sunscreen spray and a facial stick in your purse. You tend to bring your purse wherever you go, so your sunscreen won't sit in the heat. You'll also remember to use the sunscreen when you rummage through your bag.


If you consider yourself a bit of a fashionista, you probably don't leave home without a few statement pieces. Add a floppy hat and large sunglasses to your collection. You'll not only look timelessly elegant but also protect your face, ears, neck and shoulders from the sun.

Sun protection is about more than preventing sunburn. It can keep you from prematurely aging and help you avoid getting dark spots on your skin. Wearing sun protective clothing, using sunscreen and staying in the shade are also the best ways to minimize your risk of skin cancer. The message behind the lazy woman's guide to sun protection is that sun protection shouldn't be hard. It should be as easy as brushing your teeth. You wouldn't neglect to do that every day, would you?