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The Best Summer Accessories

The Best Summer Accessories

The Best Summer Accessories

Even though the heat can be stifling in the summer, it's not wise to take off all your clothes. Besides, that wouldn't make for effective accessorizing. What good is an accessory if you don't have a solid foundation to start with?
This summer, cover up in the heat with sun protective clothing essentials and use your smarts to select the best summer accessories. Here's how to accessorize while you stay cool in the summer sun.

1. Start with a healthy glow.
There's no such thing as a "healthy" tan if it came from the sun. You can fake a bronze glow with a spray tan or some bronzer. You can even take a sunscreen supplement called astaxanthin to give your skin a hint of a rosy appearance.

2. Slather on the sunscreen.
Don't head out the door without adding a healthy layer of sunscreen to your skin. Even if you're going to be indoors all day, damaging UV rays can get through the windows of your home, car or office. Choose a broad-spectrum sunscreen to protect your skin from melanoma and aging.

3. Add some basic wardrobe essentials.
A typical white cotton T-shirt doesn't cover you up as well as a top made from UV 50+ sun protective fabric. Choose a rashguard to wear as a basic T-shirt, or grab a shift dress or beach cover up from your closet.

4. Choose your shoes.
Shoes are some of the best summer accessories. You can stay simple or go fancy just by changing up your shoes. If you're heading out on the sand, stick to flats. You can dress up your look by going with metallics or embellishments. If you're heading out on the town, platforms can elongate your legs and make you feel sexier.

5. Add extra protection.
Hats and sunglasses aren't just supposed to help you look stylish. They protect your face and eyes from UV damage too. Always make sure that your sunglasses have UV protection. Otherwise, your fashion statement could be injuring your eyes. A hat with a wide brim keeps the sun off your face, neck, and chest. The sensitive skin in these areas is more prone to wrinkling from the damage caused by sun exposure.

The best accessories for your Cabana Life are the ones that keep you healthy and chic. Don't neglect to accessorize every day for the ultimate sophisticated and sun protective outfit.