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Survivor Spotlight Series: Amanda H.

Survivor Spotlight Series: Amanda H.

"I’m currently undergoing treatment at Moffitt for stage 4 melanoma. I was diagnosed in 2020 with tumors in both lungs & other organs, in the orbits of both eyes & throughout the subcutaneous tissue. I still do not have a melanoma skin primary, which is rare. Immunotherapy has left me permanently insulin-dependent, caused aseptic meningitis & liver toxicity. I’ve also undergone radiation with mixed success. I’m now back on immunotherapy due to progression. I’m a huge advocate now."
Amanda H.
Image provided by Amanda

Thank you for sharing your story Amanda! Founded by a skin cancer survivor, Cabana Life is on a mission to keep you safe & stylish! Knowing firsthand the effects of skin cancer on patients, family & friends, we encourage you to share your story to inspire, educate & empower others in the Cabana Life community during Skin Cancer Awareness Month. Share how skin cancer impacts you and/or your loved ones to be featured in our Survivor Spotlight and we'll gift you $20 off full-priced orders of $100+. Submit your story & read more Survivor Spotlight Series here. Thank you for helping us spread awareness this May!