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Supporting the Melanoma Research Foundation's #GetNaked Campaign

Supporting the Melanoma Research Foundation's #GetNaked Campaign

Summer calls for fun in the sun but beneath it lurks a not so bright subject. This May, Skin Cancer Awareness Month, we are shining a light on the importance of protection & early detection to prevent harmful effects from the sun. 

As a sun safe clothing brand deeply committed to promoting skin health and safety, Cabana Life recognizes the importance of raising awareness about the dangers of excessive sun exposure. That's why we are proud supporters of the Melanoma Research Foundation's #GetNaked campaign, an initiative aimed at encouraging individuals to prioritize their skin health and take proactive measures against melanoma and other forms of skin cancer.

Above: Cabana Life Founders

At Cabana Life, we believe that style and sun protection should go hand in hand. Our mission is to empower individuals to embrace sun-safe practices without compromising on fashion. Through our innovative UPF 50+ clothing line, we offer a wide range of chic and functional pieces designed to shield you from harmful UV rays while keeping you looking effortlessly elegant.

Above: Cabana Life Crew at the MRF's Miles for Melanoma DC Event

But our commitment to sun safety extends beyond just providing protective clothing. We are passionate about fostering a culture of awareness and education around skin cancer prevention. The #GetNaked campaign resonates deeply with us because it encourages people to strip away the barriers of misconception and embrace the reality of skin health.

Above: Cabana Life Founder & Melanoma Survivor, Melissa

So, what does it mean to #GetNaked? It's not about shedding layers of clothing; it's about shedding layers of ignorance and complacency when it comes to sun protection. It's about baring your skin, not to the sun's harmful rays, but to the truth about the importance of regular skin checks, sunscreen application, and seeking shade during peak sun hours.

As advocates for sun safety, we urge you to join us in supporting the #GetNaked campaign and the vital work of the Melanoma Research Foundation. Here are a few ways you can get involved:

1. Spread the Word: Share the #GetNaked message on your social media platforms. Use your voice to raise awareness about the importance of sun protection and encourage others to prioritize their skin health.

2. Practice Sun Safe Habits: Incorporate sun safe practices into your daily routine. Wear UPF 50+ clothing, apply broad-spectrum sunscreen, and seek shade whenever possible.

3. Get Regular Skin Checks: Schedule annual skin screenings with a dermatologist to monitor for any suspicious moles or skin changes. Early detection is key in the fight against melanoma.

4. Support the Cause: Consider making a donation to the Melanoma Research Foundation to support their efforts in advancing research, education and advocacy initiatives aimed at combating skin cancer. As always, we are proud to donate 100% of the net proceeds from our Meaningful Merch Collection to the MRF.

Together, we can make a difference in the fight against melanoma and other forms of skin cancer. By embracing sun safe habits and supporting organizations like the Melanoma Research Foundation, we can protect ourselves and our loved ones from the dangers of excessive sun exposure.

So let's #GetNaked, not in the pursuit of a sun kissed tan, but in the pursuit of a healthier, safer future for our skin. Join us on this sun safe journey with Cabana Life, where fashion meets protection, and together, we can enjoy the sun responsibly.