Five Sun Protection Accessories to Add to Your Vacation Wardrobe

Five Sun Protection Accessories to Add to Your Vacation Wardrobe

You understand the importance of sunscreen, but what about the other sun-protective measures that can keep you safe while outdoors? There are so many fun and stylish accessories you can add to your vacation wardrobe for additional sun protection! From high-quality sunglasses to hats and so much more, these accessories don’t just protect you from UV rays – they’re adorable, too! It’s a win-win.

Let’s take a closer look at five sun protection accessories you need for your next vacation.

1. Visors

Sun hats of all kinds are a great way to protect your scalp, hair, and face from harmful UV rays. And while big, floppy versions have been trending in recent years, sleek, sporty visors are about to make a comeback as well. Visors are a convenient, comfortable way to shade your face and eyes from the sun. These days, there are tons of fashionable visors to add to your vacation wardrobe. We recommend opting for a style that’s lightweight and offers a wide brim to give you the ultimate sun protection.

2. Face Shields

Throw some shade at the sun, why don't you? No, seriously. Face shields are super popular in Asia and many parts of Europe, and they're just now catching on here in the states – and for good reason! Full shield visors were developed with the help of dermatologists to protect you from those harmful UV rays. So, whether you're on the beach, in the urban jungle, or hiking some sunny trails on your next vacation, a face shield just might be the sun-protective accessory you need.

3. Sunglasses

Sunglasses can offer both style and UV protection – and the best options offer both! The next time you add a pair of sunglasses to your vacation wardrobe, be sure they're specifically designed for UV eye protection and rated UV 400 or higher. This means that your new specs will block 99.9 percent of UV rays. Plus, if your lenses are polarized, glare will be neutralized, giving your eyes long-term protection.

4. Solar Sleeves

Okay, these may not be the most stylish addition to your vacation wardrobe, but hear us out. Solar sleeves are super comfortable, provide sun protection, and keep your arms nice and cool. They’re usually made of an innovative nylon and spandex fabric blend that offers UPF 50+ protection, helping to block the sun’s harmful rays. The best part? Solar sleeves slip on and off easily, so you can enjoy convenient sun protection whenever you need it.

5. Wearable Tech

The future of sun protection has arrived just in time for your next vacation! My Skin Track UV is the world’s first battery-free wearable electronic device that monitors UV exposure. Simply clip it to your collar, pants, or bag while you’re outside, and it will provide you with valuable data about UV, pollution, humidity, and pollen levels. That way, you can tailor your sun safety routine to ensure it’s effective enough for the current outdoor conditions.

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