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Our Top 5 Packing Tips

Our Top 5 Packing Tips

Endless summer days are drawing to a close, but we're always ready for a weekend getaway! Planning to use those final vacation days? Make packing for every trip easy breezy with our favorite tips and tricks. Who doesn't love a life hack!?

1. Make a Packing List

It's easy to forget things when they're not written down. Have a general packing list ready for any trip & then add what you need for specific trips as they come up. Including things like toiletries, extra underwear and sunscreen on a list to check off can keep you from stressing out or impulse buying later.

2. Grab Your Essentials First!

    Even when the list is made & we're grabbing everything we need, it's best to start with your essentials. Sun safety is always at the top of our list so sun safe pieces, sunscreen, sun glasses & UV detection spots are a MUST for every trip. If you haven't used them before, UV detections stickers like SPOTMYUV, change color when it's time to reapply sunblock. One sticker works all day to help you prevent sunburns & UV damage. 

    3. Pack Versatile Pieces 

      No more sitting on an overstuffed suitcase! We've all done it, but we would all love to have a less bulgy bag on road trips or when walking through the airport. Grab pieces that have multiple uses & are travel friendly. Dresses like our Navy Stripe Cabana Shift Dress can easily take you from beach to street. Dress it up with your favorite pair of wedges or keep it relaxed in flip flops. Plus, the UPF 50+ fabric with keep your skin protected from UV rays.

      4. Packing Cubes

        For short trips or long excursions, packing cubes can help you stay organized. Making tops & bottoms separate or keeping all your underwear & socks in one place can ensure you are able to pack all that you need. And nothing will spill out should you need to open your suitcase quickly. If you need something to do double duty as a travel bag & clothes bag, grab our Cabana Life Striped Bag. For a limited time add this coveted tote bag to cart on orders $250+ & get it for FREE!

        5.  Roll, Don't Fold!

        While our instinct is to fold clothes so we can see them best, as we would in our dressers, rolling clothes will save tons of space in your suitcases. Plus, rolling clothes will cause fewer wrinkles, than folds will. Every Cabana Life piece is made for travel with silky soft wrinkle resistant fabric. Your favorite maxi or vibrant off the shoulder dress will be ready & waiting for you. 


        We hope packing for your next gorgeous getaway is stress-free so you can focus on enjoying your vacay. No matter where your adventures take you we’ve got you covered with fashionable sun protection. Our UPF 50+ styles are made to keep you sun safe & stylish all year long. With wrinkle-resistant fabrics & flattering fits, these pieces were made with travel in mind. Brighten up your wardrobe with our new arrivals.

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