December 21, 2016



When we revamped the rashguard and came on the scene several years ago, we knew we were on to something. When Gwyneth Paltrow and Madonna became fans of our sun protective clothing, we were beyond flattered.

Now, Nicole Kidman is using our zipper rashguard to stay sun safe as she plays in the waves on a holiday vacation. She was spotted with husband Keith Urban and their two daughters frolicking on the beach in Australia on a recent vacation.
Kidman, 49, is aging wisely. She looks like she's not aging at all. Perhaps that because she covers her porcelain skin with UPF 50+ protection when she's out in the sun.

The Daily Mail reported that Kidman wore the Cabana Life zipper rashguard over her teeny bikini to keep her flawless complexion radiant. We couldn't agree more.

You can see more pics of the immaculate Nicole Kidman beach vacation and see her wearing a Cabana Life rashguard at ET Online. Even TMZ applauded the style icon's consideration for sun protection.

Views on tanning are changing. There's no such thing as a safe tan. Sun safety is a lifestyle. It's one that Kidman obviously embraces. Even celebrities are becoming role models for UV protection.

What we love the best about Nicole wearing our clothing is that she made the style her own. She paired the nautically striped rashguard with her own blue-and-white floral bikini bottoms. Cabana Life prints make this possible with their punchy prints in vibrant colors. You can mix and match patterns with the swimsuits you already have in your closet. Our palette complements just about anything you own.

Dress like a celebrity yourself by shopping our selection of versatile rashguard styles in pretty and preppy prints. Kidman shows off exactly how to sport the rashguard look even when you're not in the water.

Wear it while hanging out with your kids in the park or jogging on the beach. Pack rashguards instead of T-shirts to protect yourself while shopping or sightseeing on a holiday vacation. Take tips from Nicole Kidman and cover yourself in Cabana Life.

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