Lounge Pants: Beachwear, Streetwear & Athleticwear

Lounge Pants: Beachwear, Streetwear & Athleticwear

Lounge Pants

What piece of clothing can you wear to the beach, around town and for working out? (Hint: The answer is not yoga pants.)
Take your style to the next level whether you're dressed up or down with Cabana Life lounge pants. Let us show you just how versatile these pants can be.

Lounge Pants as Beachwear

When you head to the beach, you usually cover up your swimsuit with a dress, skirt or shorts, right? When you go to put it back on before you head home, the typical cotton cover-up is dotted with sand and gets a little damp from your wet bathing suit. It probably stays wet for a very long time. Our beach pants are made of a material that helps the sand slide right off. They dry quickly, so if you have to run errands after the beach, you won't be running around with wet pants. Plus, they're breathable and offer 50+ UV protection, so you don't ever have to take them off while you're playing on the sand.

Lounge Pants as Streetwear

What about those hot summer days when you're not heading to the beach? Lounge pants work equally well as an alternative to jeans or shorts. Pair them with a tank and a delicate necklace for a perfect casual outfit for just about any occasion. They'll keep your legs safe from the sun when you're at the park or at a picnic, and they're totally chic.

Lounge Pants as Athleticwear

Working out is a lot more fun when you look cute while you're doing it. Stand out from the gym crowd in Cabana Life lounge pants. Because they're quick-drying, Cabana Life lounge pants won't absorb excess sweat. So they'll keep you cool and dry while you exercise. If you don't have time to change the gym and your lunch date, no worries--you'll still look amazing as you head out.

If you're looking for the perfect pant that's miles above the yoga pant in regards to versatility, breathability, sophistication, and style, look no further than the Cabana Life lounge pant.  And don't forget for full sun protection our swim pants.