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Must-Have Summer Sunscreen

Must-Have Summer Sunscreen

In honor of Skin Cancer Awareness Month, we are so excited to share that Hint will be gifting our customers a free SPF 30 Hint 3 oz. sunscreen* (size as pictured above) in your order of stylish sun protection. Now you can soak up the sun safely with one of our favorite sunscreens & new UPF 50+ styles from Cabana Life

Cabana Life Black Unisuit with Hint Water on bed

Hint started as a delicious fruit-infused water brand when their founder Kara Goldin wanted a healthier but fun drink alternative. As someone who was not from the beverage industry, she took a risk when approaching stores & creating her own fruity water. Kara took her passion for a simple healthy lifestyle and turned it into her purpose. Built on this mission, Hint continues to add to its product line to create better, healthier experiences. 

Hint Sunscreen & Water

Hint recently introduced sunscreen after Kara had several run-ins with precancerous cells on her nose. Both redheads, moms & entrepreneurs, Cabana Life Founder Melissa Papock & Kara are linked by using their challenges to create products that solve a personal problem. These kindred spirits & brands exhibit the same bright colors & positive mindset to help you enjoy the sun while staying safe.

Melissa will be chatting live with Kara on Instagram about how her experiences have changed her lifestyle and how she continues to practice it to this day in her personal life & with Hint. Tune in on Instagram Live @cabanalife at 12:30pm EST on Thursday, May 6. Can't make it? Watch it back on our IGTV. 

Woman wearing Navy Stripe Terry and spraying Hint sunscreen

Hint sunscreen is fast drying, highly effective and infused with the same fruit essences used in Hint water. The broad-spectrum SPF 30 sunscreen has no harmful chemicals & is suitable for all skin types so it leaves your skin feeling great.

Hint sunscreen

Protecting you from both UVA & UVB rays, this sunscreen is water resistant, oxybenzone & paraben-free, not animal tested AND reef safe. Plus, the aerosol mist sunscreen is available in 3 amazing fruit scents! This makes reapplying more fun & painless for the kids (and you!) Want to try more Hint sunscreen? Use code CABANA to get $5 off Hint 3 oz & 6 oz sunscreen online today.**

Coastal Cottage Embroidered Cover Up with Hint water

Cabana Life is all about protecting your skin! Your skin is the first line of defense against the sun, which is why UPF clothing & sunscreen are your best friends not just on vacay, but every day. As we all know it's important to stay hydrated, especially in the sun. Besides keeping you cool, a lower water intake will cause you to lose elasticity in your skin & make it feel rough. What does that mean? More water equals less wrinkles (yes!) 

Hint offers sparking & still water with fruit essences. The taste, is very much in fact, a hint, so it's refreshing but not boring. New Hint customers get 36 bottles of delicious Hint water for just $36 & free shipping (aka just $1 per bottle!)**

Don't miss out on the chance to try one of our favorite sunscreens, Hint, for FREE! Starting May 1 any purchase of Cabana Life's sun protective clothing will receive a 3 oz. Hint sunscreen so you can enjoy the sun while staying safe. 

*Scents may vary in Cabana Life packages.

**Both offers expire 6/30/21. Exclusions apply.