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#GetReal: Prevention & Protection

#GetReal: Prevention & Protection

Founded by a melanoma survivor, we understand firsthand the importance of prevention and are driven to design stylish ways to protect you with UPF 50+ clothing & swimwear. In April, we asked our amazing community to share their skin cancer story in any way their lives have been impacted.

During May, Skin Cancer Awareness Month, we share these stories as part of our #GetReal campaign. Through these powerful & personal accounts, we aim to ignite awareness, inspire action and foster a community united in the fight against this prevalent yet often preventable disease. With 1 in 5 Americans being diagnosed with skin cancer it's time we #GetReal.

Join us as we illuminate the personal journeys, triumphs and challenges of those impacted by skin cancer, empowering each other to prioritize sun safety and early detection. Together, let's shine a light on skin cancer and work towards a future where prevention is paramount and every story ends with hope.

Below are stories from our Cabana Community highlighting prevention & protection.


"I was recently diagnosed a pre cancer mole on the inside of my leg. It appeared as an unremarkable "freckle". I asked the dermatologist to biopsy it and sure enough it revealed a mole with if left unfettered would turn into cancer. I am committed to doing all that I can in supporting companies like Cabana who take SPF clothing seriously."

- Michele M. 

Wearing a limited-edition Cabana Life Spring Regatta printed dress that has since sold out. 


"My friend's husband passed away from skin cancer several years ago. It inspired me to start getting annual skin checks. Last year, I had precancerous cells removed. I'm thankful it was caught early."

- Tanya J. 


"So this isn’t quite a skin cancer story, but it is a story about going to the dermatologist for my annual skin cancer check. I’ve had multiple skin cancers cut out and burned off, so I do go faithfully. Last May, my dermatologist noticed a strange pimple on my nipple that she asked to biopsy. It had been there for a couple of years and I had asked at every mammogram to have it looked at and it was nothing. Long story short, she did the biopsy and it came back as cancer, but not the primary site. We needed to go on a hunt for the original site where it spread from. My PCP ordered a CT scan from head to hip and nothing was found. She then ordered an MRI of my breasts and there it was. Missed on at least two mammograms. Chemo, radiation, double mastectomy I am now stage 3B, but because of my dermatologist insisting on that biopsy, I’m alive."

- Jackie M. 


"When I grew up, it was common practice to lay out in the sun and leather up with baby oil! What???? I am now 69 and have skin checks every six months. And every six month I have some type of skin cancer removed. I now cover myself with some protective clothing. Cabana Life is my favorite."

- Dona D. 

Wearing the new San Sebastian Sleeveless Shift Dress


"I have had multiple friends with Melanoma. One who is in an aggressive battle presently. I have had basal cell cancer on my hand. I do such a great job with covering up my legs and arms but didn't reapply sunscreen well near my knuckles. Cabana Life garments are so helpful to keep my skin safe. Make sure to cover up and use sunscreen. See your dermatologist once a year. My fantastic MD found my 3mm lesion that just looked like a freckle to me (I have lots)."

- Tammie M. 


"I am a physician and have many patients who I've worked through skin cancer with. I love Cabana Life because of the matching rashguards and shorts for the kids which helps protect their precious skin!"

- Isla H. 

Melissa, Cabana Life Founder & Melanoma Survivor

From all these impactful stories, one truth resonates: skin cancer doesn't discriminate. It touches lives in myriad ways, reminding us of the importance of sun protection, regular screenings and advocating for our own health. Let these narratives serve as your friendly reminder from the fellow Cabana Community. Read more #GetReal stories here

We're honored to help protect you & your family with our UPF 50+ fashion. We strive to make you feel empowered to prioritize skin health. Let's continue to share, educate and support one another in this fight. Together, we can make a difference. As always, 100% of the proceeds from our Meaningful Merch Collection are donated to the Melanoma Research Foundation. We are proud to support this amazing organization and their fight to eradicate skin cancer. 

Thank you for joining us on this journey of raising awareness and fostering hope in our #GetReal series. As always, stay sun safe & stylish!