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#GetReal: Cabana Life Crew

#GetReal: Cabana Life Crew

Founded by a melanoma survivor, we understand firsthand the importance of prevention and are driven to design stylish ways to protect you with UPF 50+ clothing & swimwear. In April, we asked our amazing community to share their skin cancer story in any way their lives have been impacted. We are constantly inspired and driven by our customer stories and our own in the Cabana Life Crew. 

During May, Skin Cancer Awareness Month, we share these stories as part of our #GetReal campaign. Through these powerful & personal accounts, we aim to ignite awareness, inspire action and foster a community united in the fight against this prevalent yet often preventable disease. With 1 in 5 Americans being diagnosed with skin cancer it's time we #GetReal.

Join us as we illuminate the personal journeys, triumphs and challenges of those impacted by skin cancer, empowering each other to prioritize sun safety and early detection. Together, let's shine a light on skin cancer and work towards a future where prevention is paramount and every story ends with hope.

Below are some stories from our founders & Cabana Crew. 



Melissa, Founder & Melanoma Survivor

Cancer was the absolute last thing on my mind at 26 years old, living and working in NYC. During a routine skin check, I pointed out a few spots that concerned me and was shocked to discover I had melanoma. One ugly realization came after the next when I learned that my regular lightweight clothing wasn’t protecting me as much as I thought- approximately SPF 7, and that I needed to wear something special called "sun protective clothing." I soon discovered the lack of UPF 50+ options conducive to my lifestyle working in fashion at Seventeen, Vanity Fair & other magazines. I saw this opportunity to make something beautiful & meaningful with UV protective clothing & started Cabana Life! If 1 in 5 Americans gets some form of skin cancer, I figured I couldn’t be the only person in search of stylish sun protection. I know firsthand that prevention and early detection save lives. My problem became my purpose, I've made it my mission to create sun safe AND stylish solutions – Cabana Life. 

Read more of Melissa's story here



Alyssa, Co-Founder

Melissa shared her story and idea for Cabana Life with me one day while we were working together at Vanity Fair. It immediately resonated with me as both my mother-in-law and grandmother were battling skin cancer at the time, and sadly, both succumbed to it. Like so many of our peers, I spent several summers "tanning" in the sun as a lifeguard and knew we needed to change the way we approach sun protection. 

Fueled by plenty of laughs, an entrepreneurial spirit and decaf coffee, we are passionate about educating our customers and providing a stylish solution.


Alison, Brand Manager

When I started at Cabana Life almost 4 years ago my eyes were opened to the true dangers of the sun and ways to prevent. Growing up in Florida I always knew I should be wearing sunscreen but as a young kid that didn't burn much I didn't take it as seriously as I now know I should have. 

During my first year at Cabana Life I made my first-ever dermatologist appointment. This April, I went in for my annual skin check and came prepared with my notes of freckles and areas I wanted her to check. I was surprised that the one my derm was worried about was a mole I've had my whole life! And, it was on my stomach which I can't remember the last time was in the sun since summer... They quickly did a mole biopsy on my stomach during my lunch break appointment and then felt a bit ashamed coming back to the office of a sun safe clothing company. While I am constantly thinking about sun protection in my role here at Cabana Life, this was a much-needed reminder, especially leading into Skin Cancer Awareness Month, to be more cautious. 

Luckily the results came back as an atypical mole and am relieved it was removed before it got more severe. I truly love wearing my Cabana Life clothes & constantly get compliments! It not only protects me from skin cancer but also wrinkles which I have really started to focus on in my later 20s. After all, 80% of the signs of aging are caused by the sun. Book your annual skin check today & stay safe! 



Katie, National Wholesale Manager

For over a year, I brushed off a small bump on my scalp, dismissing it as nothing more than a scab. But when I finally got it checked out, my dermatologist confirmed it was basal cell carcinoma. Working for a sun safe clothing brand I was even more aware of the importance of proper protection. I always wear sunscreen but neglected covering or protecting my scalp during countless hours spent outdoors watching my daughter's soccer games.

Now, facing Mohs surgery, I'm grappling with the consequences – and on the search for cute hats. As my story continues to unfold it's a harsh reminder of the importance of sun protection everywhere


From all these impactful stories, one truth resonates: skin cancer doesn't discriminate. It touches lives in myriad ways, reminding us of the importance of sun protection, regular screenings and advocating for our own health. Let these narratives serve as your friendly reminder from the fellow Cabana Community. Read more #GetReal stories here from our Cabana Community of inspiring customers. 

We're honored to help protect you & your family with our UPF 50+ fashion. We strive to make you feel empowered to prioritize skin health. Let's continue to share, educate and support one another in this fight. Together, we can make a difference. As always, 100% of the proceeds from our Meaningful Merch Collection are donated to the Melanoma Research Foundation. We are proud to support this amazing organization and their fight to eradicate skin cancer. 

Thank you for joining us on this journey of raising awareness and fostering hope in our #GetReal series. As always, stay sun safe & stylish!