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Bermuda Beach View

Cabana Life Insider's Travel Guide to Bermuda

"Bermuda, Bahama, come on pretty mama..." Do y'all love that song as much as I do? I’m Lauren, and going to Bermuda gave it a new meaning for me! Read all about my time on the island and my favorite spots. 

Where to Stay

Cover Up with Crashing Waves

My husband, Justin and I actually visited last summer for our Babymoon. We made a promise to each other on our last day there that we would bring our son, Remy back after he was born, the following summer.

 So this time, we changed things up a bit, and I'm so excited to share all of the details with you. We chose the Fairmont Southhampton because it is much closer to the beach club, and more central on the island to a lot of the things we wanted to do this trip. We figured with Remy, that would be easier. I will say, I actually liked the Fairmont Hamilton Princess more, even though we were farther away from the beach club. With the Southhampton location we were about a 5 minute shuttle ride down to the beach club, as opposed to the Hamilton Princess being about a 30 minute shuttle ride. That right there, was the biggest decision maker for us. We knew with a 9 month old, and all of his loot, that would not work. 

Both hotels offer very different views and amenities. The Fairmont Southhampton overlooks the ocean and their golf course, and the location is much more central on the island. The Hamilton Princess on the other hand, overlooks the marina and is near Downtown Hamilton where most of the action is (shops, restaurants, etc.). The Hamilton Princess is near Downtown Hamilton, where all of the shops are, and some restaurants, etc. However, the Southhampton location is more central on the island, and near some staples such as the Swizzle Inn (fun pub & restaurant). It's a must if you visit the island!


Where to Eat:

Cabana Life Long Tunic

This year we dined at a new restaurant, called the Waterlot. It's actually part of the Waterlot Inn, nestled on Jew's Bay, and part of the Fairmont Southampton. It's a steakhouse with lots of history, and very good food. They were so wonderful with Remy there too! 

On the second night we went back to a favorite from the year before, Ascots. This is by far the best (in my opinion) restaurant on the island. The food, service, and quaint little hotel that it's in are all amazing. Add it to your list to visit. Last year I loved that they had non-alcoholic champagne for me. So, if Bermuda is your Babymoon destination, that's another reason to visit them. 


What to Do:

Southampton Beach Loungewear

We spent our days enjoying the Southhampton beach club. We also got the chance to go out and do some exploring and found some gorgeous spots like Horseshoe Bay Cove, which was just about a 15-20 minute hike from the beach club. With the baby in tow, we generally kept our activities pretty chill: lounging by the beach, playing in the sand with Remy, and soaking up the gorgeous views. Each resort has a private beach club with a restaurant, lounge chairs, umbrellas, etc. which was so convenient for us!


What to Wear:

Protective Swimsuits & Cover ups

The whole family stayed protected in our Cabana Life swimsuits and cover ups. We love their adorable swimwear - we couldn't get enough of the alligator print for the boys, as a former Florida Gator! Remy definitely approved of , and the matching trunk for Justin made for adorable pictures. We loved how everything was 50+ UV protective, so it gave us one less thing to worry about for Remy. My terry tunic was so cozy and the perfect thing to wear trekking to and from the beach. The Crystal Lagoon Kimono was another one of my favorite vacation pieces: so easy to throw on over a bikini when you want a little more sun protection.

 Sun Protective Onesie

Lauren Wilson is a life and style blogger living in Atlanta. She is a mom to her 10-month-old son, Remy and her Goldendoodle, Reynolds. She loves traveling, exploring new fashions, trying new recipes, and sharing tips as a new mom! You can find her @lauren.k.wilson or at her blog