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Brighter Magazine for Women Affected By Cancer

Brighter Magazine for Women Affected By Cancer

Founded by a skin cancer survivor, we know firsthand the importance of community. Everything changes when you receive that diagnosis, no matter if you had a gut feeling or it was a total shock. Our co-founder Alyssa’s friend Helen was motivated by another friend’s journey with cancer and sought to help others in her honor. 

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This led her to launch Brighter magazine, a fashion and educational publication that serves the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual well-being of all women affected by cancer. We are honored to be featured in this quarter’s issue and support their cause via an ad that shares our brand’s mission to prevent skin cancer with a special promotional offer. 

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A note from the founder & editor-in-chief, Helen, on what led her to start Brighter & how it has grown today: 

A few years ago, I took some time to visit my dear friend Jean, who was in the middle of treatment for Ovarian Cancer.  One night we sat at a quaint little Mexican restaurant in Chicago, Jean shared her heart with the small group of friends who had gathered.  Traveling for work and pleasure, she often had a lifestyle magazine in her bag and was frequently drawn to the excitement of the latest hair, make-up and clothing trends, especially shoes! These days things were different, however.  Those magazines that in the past had brought something new and exciting, now brought feelings of sadness and isolation. The hair tips she used to try no longer worked on her thinning hair or ultimately, her bald head.  The make-up tips brought more challenges than joy, as her skin needs had changed and her eyelashes and eyebrows were falling out. Her life had taken a hard left turn from where she had hoped to be and these magazines left a void that needed to be filled. Jean dreamed of a lifestyle magazine for women like her.

Sadly, my dear friend has since passed away.  Her absence has left a large hole in my heart, however, it also lit a fire in my soul to see her dream become a reality. In the thick of the Covid-19 shutdown, I was looking for a way to encourage others. With a degree in graphic design and visual communications, I launched Brighter Magazine, the first full-color lifestyle magazine for women affected by cancer.  Brighter’s mission is to create a stylish and educational publication that serves the mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being of women journeying through cancer. Whether she’s hearing a new personal diagnosis, in the midst of treatments or in remission, we want to help survivors feel empowered, equipped and enthusiastic about their lives during these critical times.

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We understand that cancer often shifts perspectives and most certainly complicates many aspects of “regular” life. We hope to ease the burden of those challenges for women as they rest, relax and read the articles that our wonderful medical professionals and survivors have written. Each issue is designed to inspire a Brighter outlook for our readers. 

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Today, Brighter magazine reaches women across the country and is free of cost to survivors. Our strategy includes quarterly publications that are funded by donors who want to support our mission, and we are actively seeking ways to strengthen our partnerships and donor base. We are excited that we’ve even gone global - reaching Great Britain and the Netherlands, too. Brighter magazine is distributed to oncology offices, doctor’s offices, coffee shops, YMCAs and can be found in welcome packets and at special events for cancer-support organizations.  

If you would like to be involved in Brighter, please contact us. You can subscribe to the magazine or donate on our website at And you can follow along on Instagram and Facebook