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Founded by a melanoma survivor, Cabana Life is a sun protective clothing company that fuses fashion with function. As part of its mission to foster sun safety education, Cabana Life has teamed up with Children’s Melanoma Prevention Foundation to encourage adults to be sun safe role models for the next generation.

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Be a Sun Safe Role Model

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Be a Sun Safe Role Model

According to a recent report, the most influential role models are relatable and give children the opportunity
for independence. That’s what makes parents the best role models when it comes to sun safety.

1. Begin at an early age —
Children model their parents at every age. They want to wear what you wear and behave the way you do. It’s never too soon to start showing your children that you wear wide brim hats, UV blocking sunglasses, sunscreen daily and sun protective clothing.

2. Build independence —
As children enter school, they’re given more responsibility. At this early age, you’ll still need to monitor them as they apply sunscreen. However, you can give them the tools to select their own sun protective clothing to be just like the adults they look up to.

3. Make it fun —
Show them that sun safety isn’t a chore. Empower them to pick out a high SPF sunscreen they like along with stylish sun protective clothing they are excited about. Show them how important it is to take care of your skin.

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