Top 5 Frappe Recipes of All Time

frappe recipe

It’s National Frappe Day! Just in time to ring in the fall with a little pumpkin spice. Or not. If you’re still feeling the chilly drinks and avoiding the steamy beverages, why not try making your own frappe today? We have compiled a variety of recipes from around the web. Some are healthy, some are totally decadent. All are delicious.

1. Mocha & Caramel Frappuccino Recipes

For your sipping pleasure, Janelle of Comfy in the Kitchen has shared two of her favorite Frappuccino recipes. They taste like the real thing, but you don’t have to mess with mixes or hard-to-find ingredients. In addition to strong coffee that’s been cooled off completely (Hint: make it at night and stick it in the fridge!), you’ll need some caramel sauce or chocolate sauce (um, can’t we use both??), milk and sugar. Don’t forget the whipped cream!

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2. Low-Calorie Root Beer Mocha Frappe

What?! Yes, we had to include this one once we saw it. The root beer makes the frappe nice and foamy, and it blends well with caramel and chocolate syrups. If you use diet soda, skim milk and sugar-free syrups, you don’t actually have to cheat on your diet to drink this one.

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3. Vegan Green Tea Frappuccino

Kathy of Happy Healthy Life has gone one step further and made a vegan version of the green tea Frappuccino. Lactose-intolerant ladies rejoice! With coconut whipped cream on top, it’s just as decadent as ever.

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4. Cherry Blossom Frappe Recipe

Don’t love tea or coffee but want a frozen treat? This cherry blossom Frappuccino was actually served in Starbucks cafes for a short period. It does have green tea in it, but it tastes more like fruity ice cream.

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5. Kahlua Frappe Recipe

If you’re getting together with the girls, invite them over for cocktails. Sure, you can drink this one before noon. This recipe from goes down nice and easy.

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If you want to save yourself at least $6 and make whatever size frappe you want, follow one of these recipes. These frosty treats are so good, you'll be drinking them all the way into wintertime.

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