How To Build a Sandcastle – Tips and Tricks You’ve Never Heard

how to build a sandcastle

Building a sandcastle can be a frustrating experience. You might not feel like you have the right equipment. You may have a good thing going, but your final tower crumbles as you unmold it from the bucket. Here’s the biggest secret for how to build a sandcastle: you don’t really need buckets at all.

Find out how to build a sandcastle with these surprising tips.

1. Make a giant pile of sand.
Your best tool for building the best sandcastle is a good shovel. Small, plastic shovels usually don’t do the trick. Get yourself a small garden spade or a metal scoop. Create a giant sand pile to get your castle started.

2. Use water—lots of water.
Water is the key to building the perfect sandcastle. The more water you use, the better your castle will hold up. You’ll need a bucket to cover your sand pile with water. Create a hole in the top of your sand pile, volcano-style. Slowly pour water into the hole, letting it seep into the rest of the pile. Pack down the sand using shovels, your hands and even your feet. The more packed the wet sand is, the easier it will be to carve out your castle.

3. Create the basic shape.
Do you want towers on your sand castle? Don’t worry about molding them with buckets. Instead, pat on clumps of wet sand wherever you want a tower to be. Pack these clumps down well.

4. Carve out the castle.
Once you have the basic shape down, you can carve out the castle. Use shovels, knives, forks and toothpicks to get sharp corners. Use a spoon to dig out tunnels and window openings. Flatten pitched roofs with the back of a flat, plastic shovel. If you really want to get professional about it, spray the castle with water as you go. This will help it keep its shape and give you sharp lines.

5. Take pictures—lots of pictures.
After you’ve completed your castle, you’ll be something of a celebrity. Document your genius before a big wave comes and washes it away.

One of the biggest challenges when it comes to building the best sandcastle is preventing sunburn. When you’re bending over, focusing on your sandcastle creation, the sun’s rays can pound down on your back. It’s an absolute necessity to have someone slather sunscreen on your back. That way, you’ll know that you haven’t missed a spot.

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