What Would You Tell the 16 Year Old You About Melanoma Self Checks?


The David Cornfield Melanoma Fund is encouraging young people to regularly check their skin for melanoma, but it’s tough to highlight the importance of melanoma self checks. The younger you are, the more invincible you feel. The David Cornfield Melanoma Fund created a video that features melanoma survivors telling their stories about life, loss and melanoma.

Established in 2007, the David Cornfield Melanoma Fund has a mission to save lives through melanoma prevention and research.

David Cornfield was an extraordinary husband, father and man. He was diagnosed with melanoma at 29 years old. His initial treatments left his cancer in remission, and he went on to have a son, work hard and spread love and light everywhere he went. A year after having his son, David found out that his cancer had returned. It had spread to his lungs. He fought for two years, but the melanoma continued to spread.

David never gave up hope, and he never lost his sense of humor and generosity. After he found out that there was nothing more the doctors could do for him, he and his family tried to make sense of what was happening. He decided that his mission was to help others learn from his story.

That’s why the David Cornfield Melanoma Fund was created. In addition to the Dear 16 Year Old Me campaign, the Fund has run other programs to bring awareness to the importance of melanoma self checks. The Sun Smart Kids program provides sun hats and information about melanoma to families with children entering kindergarten. The Fund also created #newfamilyrule, a video that’s aimed at helping families and parents understand the severity of melanoma. That campaign hopes to put sun protection on the same level as wearing helmets for biking or brushing your teeth.

Our hearts go out to David’s family and anyone who has had to deal with the devastation of melanoma. Cabana Life is partnering with the David Cornfield Melanoma Fund during May. It’s Skin Cancer Awareness Month, and the purpose of Cabana Life is also to help individuals and families protect themselves from melanoma. A portion of all of our sales for the month of May will go to the fund.

Now that you've read this blog post, go ahead and learn how to do a melanoma self check to do one of the best things to prevent deadly melanoma.

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