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Nautical Blooms Unisuit

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Slip on our stylish Nautical Blooms Unisuit. You'll be glad this suit gives you the added protection of long sleeves. The complimentary pattern on the sides is a slimming feature that you'll love. Supportive bra cup feature stays put no matter how active you get, and it's a sleek pairing for beach and lounge pants. 

  • 50+ UV Protection
  • Fits bust sizes A-DD
  • Blocks 98% of UVA + UVB rays
  • Pairs with Navy and White solids

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Lesley M.
Overall size: 1/3
How tall are you?: 5'5" - 5'6"
What size did you buy?: Small even though she would be a medium according to size chart
Nautical blooms Unisuit

I bought this for my daughter-in-law. According to size guide she would be a medium, but that size fit me. I got her the small and she preferred the nautical blooms over the he black. Small fit her well. She is appropriately a size 8

Diana F.
Overall size: 2/3
How tall are you?: 5' - 5'2"
What size did you buy?: Large
This Unisuit is Amazing!

Besides being stunning, the quality of this suit far exceeded my expectations. The small was too snug and they were out of mediums, but I loved this pattern so much I choose a large and altered it where necessary. I am a 68 yr. old recent heart transplant recipient and the anti-rejection drugs I have a much higher risk of skin cancer due to the immune suppressing drugs I have to take the rest of my life. I'm thrilled to have this suit and know that I can still have fun in the sun and be safe!

Mary T.
Overall size: 2/3
How tall are you?: 5'7" - 5'8"
What size did you buy?: Medium

I wore the suit for the first time yesterday. I wore it with your leggings. So comfortable and very cool. I was concerned about how heavy it was but I was cooler than everyone else on the boat who were wearing bathing suits. I was pleasantly surprised. I felt very protected since I’m a melanoma survivor.

sabina T.
Overall size: 2/3
How tall are you?: 5'5" - 5'6"
What size did you buy?: Small
Anchors Away!

Great fitting, stylish swim suit that look fabulous wet or dry. This suit provides the freedom to move during my daily swim while giving ultimate protection to my sun exposed upper body. It was great to find some stylish beach attire, that doesn’t fit and look like i’m wearing a paper bag. Keep em coming Cabana Life!

Nora-Frances S.
Overall size: 2/3
How tall are you?: 5'3" - 5'4"
What size did you buy?: Medium but if I weren't concerned about freedom of movement for lap swimming I probably could have used a small.
Better than sunscreen!

What a relief it is to be able to put on this attractive and functional swimsuit without bothering to apply sunscreen on my arms and back. It saves me time that annoying sunscreen application (and removal) time when I want to fit in a quick swim.

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