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Importance of Sun Protection in Fall

With fall on the way we’re ready to start bringing out the pumpkin spice, cardigans & candles. But don’t let those golden leaves fool you, sun protection should still be on your Autumn to-do list! While we know sun safety is key during sunny summer months, it’s important to remember UV rays can damage your skin year-round. 

Keep reading to learn more about the hidden dangers of UV rays, fall weather & how you can stay sun safe & stylish as Autumn approaches. 

Why Is Sun Protection So Important?

Woman wearing Cabana Life Hampshire Button Down Dress holding pumpkin

Photo provided by: @preppypublicist

According to the Skin Cancer Foundation when it comes to skin cancer, a major risk factor is prolonged exposure to ultraviolet, or UV radiation. UVB & UVA rays are the two types of UV light that increase your risk of skin cancer. If you want a full breakdown of these UV rays check out our blog!

The key things to remember are UVB rays have a shorter wavelength & are associated with skin burning, while UVA rays have a longer wavelength & are associated with skin aging. 

While UVB intensity fluctuates, peaking in the United States between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. between April and October, they can still harm your skin during the colder months. Also, UVB rays are constant at high altitudes or near reflective surfaces (like snow or water). 

UVA accounts for up to 95% of the UV radiation reaching the earth. UVA rays are present year-round, from sunrise until sunset 365 days a year! And unlike UVB rays, UVA rays go through glass & clouds.

Why Should I Be Careful Even During Fall?

Other than year-round UV exposure, many of the things we love about Fall like the drier air, cooler temps & windy weather can contribute to skin irritation & actually increase your risk of sunburns. 

The cooler air gives us a false sense of security when it comes to sun safety. You might not realize you’re sunburnt if your skin still feels cool. Also, lower humidity means your skin will have more difficulty maintaining its moisture levels. Dry skin & high breezes mean more sensitive skin and higher chances of damage. 

Luckily, there are many ways to protect your skin against Autumn air & UV rays! Rich creamy sunscreens can help keep moisture in your skin while protecting it against breezy dry weather & sun damage. In addition to sunscreen, UPF clothing keeps you safe AND you never have to re-apply!

Stylish Sun Protection

With UPF 50+ sun protection in every piece, Cabana Life has your sun safe style needs covered! Functional & fashionable pieces are our specialty. We can’t wait for you to see our latest fall designs, but in the meantime here are our favorite fall styles! 

Woman wearing Cabana Life Aruba Blues Embroidered Maxi Dress and jean jacket
Photo provided by: @preppypublicist

Whether you’re picking pumpkins or playing in the fallen leaves, layers & boots are your best friends! Add a cute jean jacket, soft tights & your favorite boots to any of our tunics & shift dresses and you’ll be ready for every Autumn outing. Fun fact: jean jackets are not just a classic style piece, denim can also provide a UPF of about 1,700!

When there’s a chill in the air, stay wrapped up & warm. Grab you favorite trench coat and put it over any of your favorite Cabana Shift Dresses. Pair with tall boots & tights for extra warmth! 

Fall festivities mean plenty of running around. Our rashguards & sport zip polos will keep up with you through every corn maze. The long sleeves will protect your arms while the breathable fabric keeps you comfortable. Add jeans, a vest & a hat for extra warmth on breezy days! 

​​When it comes to Autumn adventures, always remember your sunscreen & make sure to bring your favorite UPF 50+ Cabana Life pieces. No matter the time of the year, Cabana Life is here to make sure your sun safe routine is an easy & fun part of your day. We design unique & limited edition prints so there’s always something to catch your eye. Make sure to check out all our new arrivals for our latest sun safe styles.

P.S. Keep an eye out for our upcoming Fall Collection!