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Made without PBA, phthalates or led-based paint

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Keep your kiddos safe and looking cool with stylish Babiators. We offer the lowest price on these shades, just so you can pair them with our stylish rashguard sets. You'll love this line of rugged, aviator sunglasses because:
 - Babiators are 100% safe and made without PBA, phthalates or led-based paint.
 - They are so tough, there is a one-year wear-and-tear warranty.

A few reasons kids sunglasses are so important:
-  Children’s eyes have fewer natural protections against UV exposure than adults, making them more likely to be damaged.
-  The more time you spend outdoors, the more susceptible you are to sun damage. Published scientific research concludes that up to 50% of lifetime UV ray exposure may occur by age 18, so it’s imperative we protect our children’s eyes now!
-  The EPA recommends you wear sunglasses even on days with a low UV index!