CōTZ Pure


We've searched high and low to bring you the best sunscreen on the market, and CōTZ is it! There is a reason you see this brand carried at and recommended by leading dermatologists.

This is a Cabana Life favorite because of the high SPF (30), while still 100% free of oils and chemical sunscreens.

CōTZ sits invisibly on top of the skin and functions like thousands of mirrors to deflect UVA/UVB rays before the rays can penetrate the skin.

CōTZ is 100% Free of chemical sunscreen ingredients, here’s why: Chemical sunscreens absorb UVA/UVB rays into the skin and transform the rays into heat, which can damage the dermis.

CōTZ Pure SPF 30:

  • 100% Free of Oils, Fragrances, Preservatives, Parabens, PABA, Gluten, Phthalates
  • Does not irritate or sting
  • Gentle enough for all skin types
  • Contains #1 & #2 rated sunscreen ingredients
  • SPF 30 exceeds the level recommended by Skin Cancer Experts
  • Provides broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection
  • Photostable, will not breakdown when exposed to sunlight
  • Water Resistant (40 Minutes)
  • Blends translucent
  • Non-Greasy

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