Cabana Life Gives Back

david cornfield melanoma fund donation

Did you know that we partner with different companies that promote sun safety so that we can give back? We know that there needs to be more research, education and outreach surrounding skin cancer protection. Therefore, we support anyone with a mission to do just that.

In May 2016, we partnered with the David Cornfield Melanoma Fund to help them raise money for their mission, which is to save lives from melanoma through prevention and research.

We were able to raise $3,205 to donate to the Fund!

This makes us incredibly happy.

One of the DCMF's programs, Sun Smart Kids, provides sun hats to children who are getting ready for kindergarten. Along with the hats comes a whole host of education. If we can start our kids' sun protection routines early enough, they can establish good habits to last a lifetime. The Sun Smart Kids program will be giving more than 10,000 children sun hats this year.

Most Americans don't wear sunscreen, yet skin cancer is the most common type of cancer.

Do you see the importance of skin cancer education? Click here if you'd like to join the bandwagon and donate to DCMF.

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