What to Wear to Fall Festivals

what to wear to fall festivals

The sun doesn't go away just because it's fall. In fact, you might find yourself spending even more time outside now that the humidity doesn't make your hair instantly frizz. UV rays can damage your skin any time of year, even when the sun is hiding behind the clouds. That means that you need to consider sun safety when you're figuring out what to wear to fall festivals.

Beach Pants and Denim

Contrary to the way it sounds, beach pants aren't just for the sand. Pair your Cabana Life beach or lounge pants with a chambray button-down shirt. If it gets too warm, just knot the bottom. If there's a chill in the air, wear a solid-color rashguard with a denim jacket over it.

Dresses and Boots

You can't top a Cabana Life dress and boots for fall fashion. If it's not too cold, you can get away bare-legged. If it's cool outside, pull on thick tights underneath your dress, or wear thigh-high socks that peek out of the tops of your boots.

Sun Hats and Shades

Another summer staple that finds its way well into fall is the sun hat. A sun hat keeps your face and neck protected from the sun while keeping your ears warm. Sunglasses protect your eyes from UV damage year round.

Tunics and Skinny Jeans

It's always exciting when the weather gets cool enough for your favorite jeans again. What you normally think of as a beach cover up goes Boho and cozy for fall with skinny jeans, booties and a scarf.

Make sure to consider the activity and the weather when you're wondering what to wear to fall festivals. If you're going to be sitting around on a hayride, you might want to wear pants. If the sun's not as warm as you'd expect, pack a scarf. It will serve double duty as sun protection too.


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