What's a Rashguard?

rashguard definition

Have you been wondering what the rashguard is all about? Let's get away from the hype and go back to basics.

According to Wikipedia, this is the rashguard definition:

rashguard definition

  1. a close-fitting top for swimming or surfing, worn under a wetsuit, over swimwear, or alone.
    "she throws on a rash guard, but she never actually surfs"
Some other terms for a rashguard are:
Rash Guard
Swim Shirt

But if you're a Cabana Girl, you know that a rashguard is for much more than surfing or swimming. Plus, why would you cover up a Cabana Life rashguard with a wetsuit?

Cabana Life rashguards are created to take you to the beach, of course. But we know your life is busier than that. That's why we made our rashguards stylish enough to take you into town, to work or even out on a date.

Even if you are a surfer, wouldn't it be nice to only throw on one outfit before you hit the waves? We thought so. Our rashguards dry quickly, so you can make the rest of your day count without spending time changing into a different outfit.

One of the best things about Cabana Life rashguards are their versatility for kids. Hot summer day? Throw on a rashguard. Sending your kiddo to camp? Throw on a rashguard. Field day at school? Throw on a rashguard.

You get the point. There isn't just one rashguard definition. Style it, wear it and show it off in a way that fits your lifestyle.

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