5 Activities That Teach Sun Safety for Kids

sun bleached leaf activity

We've stressed the importance of creating a solid routine that involves sun safety for kids. And we've also shown you some funny photos of kids looking crabby while their parents are smearing on the sunscreen. If your child is one of those that huffs and puffs while going through the sun safety routine (or just keeps forgetting to make it a part of his or her day altogether), try making sun safety for kids fun.

We've gathered some of our favorite ideas from around the interwebs for highlighting sun safety for kids.

1. Sun Safety Video for Kids

This one is already stuck in my head. Your kids love watching YouTube, right? Mix this sun safety video by jolenebattye into their playlist, and sing it together as you're getting ready to head out the door.

2. Sun Safety for Kids Activity Package

Sun Safety for kids printable

Cancer Care Nova Scotia has put together this well-rounded activity package that teachers or parents can use to drive home the importance of sun safety for kids. It's ideal for elementary school children and includes science experiments, coloring sheets, jokes and other activities to encourage them to add regular sun safety precautions into their daily life.

3. Sun Paper Art


sun bleached leaf activity

Heather, at Only Passionate Curiosity, is a homeschooling mother of four who gets completely creative with her kids on a daily basis. With this sun paper art activity, she demonstrates how to teach kids about the way UV light works while getting out into nature and creating masterpieces that combine science with art.

4. Sunbleached Letter Identification

sunbleached letter puzzle

Rachel from One Crazy House has six kids, so she knows all about trying to get children excited about something like sun safety. In this activity, she combines basic magnets with construction paper and summer sun to help kids learn their letters. It's a great way to get kids to practice their fine motor skills while learning about how the sun can change the color of construction paper (and your skin--eek!)

5. Sun Safety for Kids

Sun safety for kids

Did you know that there's a nonprofit called--surprise, surprise--Sun Safety for Kids? The company works largely with the school system in Los Angeles, CA. However, we love the resources that they offer on their website. In addition to a free sun safety poster, they have an adorable TV show about sun safety that you can purchase on DVD to show your kids.


You know the saying, "It takes a village to raise a child?" It also takes a village to highlight the importance of sun protection for kids. Add these resources to your own village, and share them with your friends. Sun damage adds up throughout a lifetime, and it can't be reversed. Start protecting your kids from the day they're born, and create a habit that will last a lifetime.

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