Refresh Your Sunscreen - Sunburns, Sunscreen Expiration, and Supergoop!

sunscreen expiration

How has your sunscreen routine held up throughout the summer? Have you gone through what seems like a million bottles of lotion? Do you still have some sitting on the back of the medicine cabinet that you need to use up? Use the last month of summer to refresh your sunscreen.

Evaluate the Sunburn Situation

Be honest--how many sunburns did you actually get this year? Even if you've only had one lobster-like reaction to the sun, that's too much. Increase the SPF if you're consistently getting pink. You can also change your routine. Make sure that you're applying sunscreen before you step into the sun and then within 20 minutes of sun exposure. After that, be consistent about reapplying every two hours or after swimming, sweating or toweling off.

Check the Sunscreen Expiration Date

If you've been trying to use up sunscreen from last summer, you may not be getting adequate protection. While most sunscreens are designed to stay fresh for three years, you might want to check old sunscreen expiration dates. If the lotion is past the expiration date, the Mayo Clinic suggests that you toss it. Here's the thing: if you're applying sunscreen like you're supposed to, one bottle shouldn't even last you one month, much less one year.

Update Your Lotion

Sunscreen has come a long way. If you've been avoiding it because it's just a pain to apply or it makes you feel sweaty, we have a solution for you. Sunscreen companies like Supergoop! offer a variety of formulas for just about every situation. You can find dry oils, sunblock for the lips and all-over lotion that's a breeze to put on and doesn't leave a sticky residue. Plus, Supergoop! doesn't contain nasty chemicals, so it's safe to use on the kids.

Go Lotion-Less

We're not suggesting that you stop using SPF completely, but you can use less by covering yourself with sun protective clothing. All Cabana Life clothing contains UPF 50+. That means that you can wear a long-sleeved women's rashguard and beach pants and just apply sunscreen to your face, neck, hands and feet. You also won't have to reapply as often if you wear a Cabana Life beach cover up.

Don't let summer go by without staying safe in the sun. It's time to rethink your sunscreen routine if you're a little too bronzed or have gotten some sunburns this season. Check your sunscreen expiration dates, apply it more often, wear sun protective clothing and buy sunblock that's better suited to your lifestyle.

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