Refresh Your Decor - Easy DIY Redecorating Tips

DIY redecorating

It's the end of the summer, and you're getting ready for more cozy indoor time. However, you've been spending so much time outdoors that you've been neglecting the atmosphere inside your home. Instead of just dealing with what you have, refresh your decor with these easy DIY redecorating tips.

Redo Your Dresser

Find a vintage piece, like a dresser or nightstand, at a thrift store. Add a bright coat of paint and let it dry. Then, cover the whole piece with a neutral color, like white or off-white, using a dry brush technique. You'll see the bright color through the whitewash, and it will brighten up your space.

Create Some Wall Art

One of the easiest ways to create wall art is to find empty frames. You don't even need glass! Gather frames from a thrift shop, and paint them all the same color. Use a bright-colored glossy spray paint for a wall that pops. Pin a photograph inside each frame for a quirky focal point.

Buy a Plant

Plants instantly revamp a room. Don't have a green thumb? Buy some succulents. They're trendy right now, and you rarely have to water them.

Redo Your Pillows

Re-covering throw pillows with new fabric is an easy way to refresh your decor. Follow these instructions for no-sew throw pillows from Untrained Housewife, and you'll instantly update your home's style.

Put Up a Wall Mural

You can transform your environment with this easy DIY redecorating tip. Companies like Mr. Perswall make murals with eye-catching designs, or you can upload your own. Then, just paste the high-definition illustration, design or photograph on any wall.

Don't settle for a less-than-homey atmosphere for the rest of the year. Use these DIY redecorating tips to breathe new life into your environment.

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