Refresh Your Exercise Routine

refresh your exercise routine

Exercising can get boring if you're not doing something you enjoy. Sure, squats can tighten up your glutes, but you can only do so many before you want to move on to something a little more enjoyable. Sprinkling in some strength exercises that are challenging and make you feel powerful can give you something to work toward. If you're into cardio, work in some moves that allow you to work up to your full potential so that you don't plateau.

Cardio Moves to Refresh Your Exercise Routine

If you normally take cardio classes at the gym or go on long, steady runs, shake things up a little bit. You don't have to pound the pavement incessantly to get a good cardio workout. Here are some ideas to refresh your exercise routine if you prefer cardio:

- Look up some dance tutorials on YouTube and learn some hip hop moves to a pop song that makes you want to move.

- Get an adult hula hoop and start hoop dancing or follow along to a hula hoop workout online.

- Add intervals into your routine. If you run, sprint for 2 minutes, then walk for 2 minutes. Work on improving your distance or speed.

- Add intense cardio bursts to your strength training routine, or intersperse them throughout the day. Doing 50 seconds of jumping jacks, high knees, squat jumps, stair running or burpees can work your heart without feeling like drudgery. Doing 24 sets of these adds 20 minutes of cardio exercise to your day.

Strength Moves to Refresh Your Exercise Routine

- If you enjoy yoga, select some poses to work up to. A headstand is an ideal pose that works your core, arms, shoulders and back. Search for headstand or handstand progressions on YouTube to find the best ways to learn the move.

- Find out if there is a parkour class in your area. Parkour is the art of moving your body past obstacles using gymnastics and other movement techniques.

- Many trampoline gyms offer exercise classes. Find out if there's one in your area, or buy yourself a small trampoline and start jumping.

- Try HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training). The best HIIT moves incorporate strength, balance, agility and coordination to get your heart rate up and your muscles working. Try the workouts on BodyRock, or follow along with Christine Salus on YouTube.

- Take up a water sport. Many paddling activities work your arms, shoulders, back and chest while giving you an intense cardio workout. If you live near a lake, river or ocean, try kayaking or paddleboarding, which can be done in a group or solo.

Want to know a secret to refresh your exercise routine without actually making any changes to your moves? Refresh your exercise wardrobe. New workout clothes will get you motivated to get moving. Switch out your basic T-shirt for a long-sleeved rashguard. Swap your yoga pants for swim leggings. Whether you're in the water or dry land, Cabana Life athletic clothing will let you move and keep you protected from the sun.


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