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refresh your diet

We've been talking this week about refreshing your lifestyle by refreshing your social life, refreshing your wardrobe and refreshing your exercise routine. Today, we're talking about refreshing your diet. You know what we're talking about--you get stuck in a pattern of eating takeout, grabbing convenience food and lunching with friends. And then you realize that maybe your bikini body would thank you if you didn't drink so many cocktails and subsist on Chipotle. Refresh your diet with some fresh, local foods that provide plenty of flavor and help you shed toxins and feel your best.

How to Shop the Farmer's Market

It's National Farmer's Market week, so we're focusing on fresh and local. Do you ever head to the farmer's market but get overwhelmed with options once you get there? Think raw. You don't have to cook everything into a recipe.

Fresh fruits and vegetables taste great on their own, especially when they're local. The plus side is that when they're raw, fruits and veggies become convenience foods. They're readily available, and it takes almost no time to prepare them. Load up on items that you can eat right out of the fridge.

Getting New Recipes

It's easy to get stuck in a rut during which you don't feel like getting creative about cooking. Refresh your diet by revamping your recipes. Meal delivery boxes are all the rage these days... although this is almost the opposite of shopping at the farmer's market because ingredients are shipped to you from farther away, you can get fresh ideas from websites like Hello Fresh and Blue Apron.

These delivery services make their recipes available to the public. The idea behind the recipes is that they're quick and easy to make. Try out a box, and then replicate the recipes with ingredients from the farmer's market, or go to the websites to try out some of the recipes without buying into the service.

It's easy to refresh your diet without stressing out. Focus on fresh. You don't have to become a raw vegan. However you'll start to change your eating habits, and your body will certainly thank you.

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