How to Choose the Best Rashguard for Your Body Type

best rashguard for your body type

One of the nicest things about rashguards (besides the UPF 50+ factor that Cabana Life rashguards provide) is that they conceal your trouble spots. What does that mean? You can have your cake and eat it too. Literally. Grab a treat, sit down, and read this article to find out the best rashguard for your body type.

Hourglass Hottie

Monaco blue ruched rashguard

You're curvy on the top and the bottom, with a whittled waist. You don't mind showing off your midsection, but sometimes you prefer swim skirts and swim shorts for a little more coverage down below.

The Monaco Blue ruched rashguard is perfect for playing up your curves. You can pull it down like a dress or draw the hem up using the side ties for more movement. Plus, you can ditch the rest of your cover-ups. Throw this on over your swimsuit, and it's all you need for a day in the sun.

Va Va Voluptuous

Embroidered rashguard Oceana

Do you have more curves on top than on the bottom? It can be hard to find bikini tops that provide enough coverage to handle surf, kids, and sports.

Show off your assets with the Oceana embroidered rashguard. The zippered top can be adjusted to be more or less revealing (read: no uniboob). It'll show off your shape while giving you support and sun protection on an area that might otherwise get overexposed in the sun. Plus, the watery pattern helps distract the eye and balance out your shape.

Surfer Svelte

orange drive zip back rashguard

If you have an athletic body that's pretty proportional, the Orange Drive zip back rashguard is ideal for you. It provides complete coverage for stand up paddleboarding, surfing or playing around on the beach. It also doubles as workout wear.

Yoga Lithe

Monaco blue unisuit

Do you wish you could have more curves? If it's tough to find the right swimsuit for your slender figure, try the Monaco Blue Unisuit. The colorblock pattern is strategically placed to amplify your contours. Plus, it will stay put whether you're doing yoga in the sand or diving into the pool.

Pleasantly Plump

navy zip up rashguard

Do you dread bikini weather because you shy away from showing your stomach? The Navy zip up rashguard is perfect for your body shape. You can wear it open over a swimsuit or zip it up halfway for coverage that flatters. The fabric holds you in in all the right places, and the dark color is slimming.

Cabana Life customers are real women with real bodies. We make all of our 50+ UV protective rashguards to suit just about any figure. Use this handy guide to select the best rashguard for your body type.

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