The Ultimate Honeymoon Packing List

The Ultimate Honeymoon Packing List

After the wedding, you can totally and completely relax, right? Wrong! You still have to get to your honeymoon destination. That's when you can finally hang up your hats (you know, all of the ones you've been wearing since you got engaged--dress designer, event planner, band selector, cake taster...).

If you're not currently luxuriating in paradise with your sweetheart, then you still have some planning to do. That includes packing for your honeymoon. Don't you wish there was a honeymoon packing list that would tell you exactly what to bring? Not to worry--you've come to the right place. This checklist will take the stress of packing for your honeymoon off your chest.

Honeymoon Packing List -- The Basics

At the bare minimum, you have to remember the following items when you're packing for your honeymoon:

--Tickets for your transportation (plane, train, etc.)
Print these out--don't rely on your smart phone for these. What if you forget to charge it in all the hustle and bustle?
--Photo ID
Your passport will serve you better than your driver's license, especially if you're traveling abroad. Bring two copies in case your ID gets lost or stolen. Store these separately from the actual ID.
--Credit cards
Only take the credit cards that you'll be using on the trip. Photocopy the front and back of them in case they are lost or stolen.
--Reservation confirmations
Again, bring printed 3 copies of hotel, tour and event confirmations. Store them in separate bags.
--Copies of any medical or travel insurance coverage.
--Any prescription medications you'll need.
Travel with these in the original bottles. Make sure the label has your name on it.
--Over-the-counter medications
Antihistamine, aspirin/ibuprofen and diarrhea medicine will all come in handy.
--Chargers for electronics and electrical converters, if necessary
--Locks for your luggage (if you use combination locks, you won't have to worry about losing the key).
--Sun hat
--Extra tote bag or backpack for lugging things to the beach or pool
--Compact umbrella

Travel-Sized Containers

When packing liquids or lotions, choose travel sizes, and you won't get caught off guard if you have to carry your bag onto your flight.

--Bug spray
--Shampoo and conditioner
--Any other hair products you use
--Any face products you use
--Aloe vera or moisturizing lotion
--Contact lens solution (don't forget your contact lens case and glasses)


When it comes to packing your clothes, we can't tell you exactly what you should bring. That depends on your destination and length of your trip. If you'll be gone for more than a few days, however, you'll probably want to streamline your wardrobe with basics that you can wear more than once. Here are some ideas for the best wardrobe essentials:

--Black or navy slacks
--A few dresses or tunics (you can always wear these over shorts or jeans to change up your look)
--Solid-color shirts (our rashguards can be worn during water activities, and they dry quickly to be worn out shopping or on an excursion)
--Sweater, hoodie or cardigan (grab one of our full-zip rashguards, and you can wear it in hot or cold weather)
--Chic sandals
--Low-key flip flops
--Sneakers or walking shoes
--Accessories (a few choice pieces of jewelry can help you change up your look even when you're wearing the same clothing)

Do yourself a favor and start packing early. If you get your travel-sized products and photocopies together ahead of time, you'll have less to worry about as the big day approaches. Make your honeymoon hassle free, and you'll be relaxing in luxury before you know it.

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