Sunday Funday: 5 Surprising Activities for Independence Day

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The United States is a diverse country that offers freedom and a plethora of resources. It's no wonder many people who live here spend time celebrating the nation's birthday every summer. Instead of the go-to backyard barbecue, what about spending this Independence Day a little differently? Here are 5 surprising activities for Independence Day.

An Eclectic Picnic

If you're tired of eating burgers and dogs on the Fourth of July, what about hosting a multicultural pot luck? One of the most amazing things about this country is how it has brought together people from all over the world. Ask your friends to bring a dish that celebrates their cultural heritage, and enjoy feasting on Cuban sandwiches, bangers and mash or German chocolate cake.

Hold an American Classic Film Festival

If the weather isn't holding up or you want to get out of the sun, gather some friends together to watch some classic American movies. If you're hanging with an adult crowd, watch Independence Day, The Patriot, Captain America, American Graffiti or Born on the Fourth of July.

Visit a Historic Landmark or National Park

Take time today to celebrate the country's history. The United States has a unique history, and every state has either landmarks or parks that are available to the public. Find a park to hike or camp in and celebrate the National Park Service's 100th birthday too. You can also click here to find national historic landmarks.

Give Back

Do something for your community on Independence Day. You can find local organizations that need volunteers on Volunteer Match.


Whether you do the tourist thing in your own town or drive a few hours, take time to learn about a small slice of the country. Travel to a new city and join in on the Independence Day festivities there, or look up what's going on in your town and take part. While you're out and about, don't forget to tag your photos with #CabanaLifeTravels when you share then on social media.

If you want to do something different this Fourth of July, try out one of these surprising activities for Independence Day. You'll create new memories and maybe even start a new holiday tradition for your family and friends.

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