Got Plans for The Fourth of July?

Got Plans for The Fourth of July?

The Fourth of July is one of those holidays that practically begs you to plan something fun. Getting together with friends, hitting up the community pool, or picnicking in the park are all activities that come to mind as Independence Day festivities. And, of course, the kids love staying up late and watching the fireworks. (Don't we all?) What if you don't have plans for the Fourth of July? Well, it's not too late to put something together. It's a three-day weekend, and it's the perfect time for a getaway.

So what can you do on such short notice?

Here are some options if you don't yet have plans for the Fourth of July:

Take a staycation.

Book a last-minute weekend getaway on a site like Airbnb.

Go camping. Just call ahead before you get on the road. Many families add camping to their plans for the Fourth of July, and popular campsites may be filled up.

Plan a gathering for family and friends.

Make a DIY water park in your backyard.

Buy a bocce ball, croquet or badminton set and invite your friends over. Have an all-day tournament.

Play Up the Protection

Chances are, you'll be spending a lot of time in the sun this coming weekend. If you're hosting a gathering, make your guests more comfortable by providing a sunscreen bar. Put out a variety of lotions, sprays and children's sunscreens. Let guests know where the bar is located, and encourage them to reapply regularly (at least every 2 hours).

You can take sun protection one step further by gathering a bunch of floppy hats, or buy some at the dollar store. Lay them out on the sunscreen bar, and urge your guests to wear the goofiest ones. You'll all get a laugh and keep the delicate skin on your face and neck out of the sun.

If you're hanging solo or doing something with the family for the Fourth of July, make sure that you bring sunscreen and hats with you wherever you go. You'll worry less about sun exposure when you're protected. Wearing sun protective clothing can keep you covered so that you can spend more time enjoying the holiday weekend.

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