Get That Healthy Glow For Your Special Day

Get That Healthy Glow For Your Special Day

Are you thinking of heading to the tanning salon to get a healthy glow before your wedding day? Think again. There is nothing healthy or safe about a tan. Sure, you want to look fresh and luminous in your wedding photos, but there are other ways to accomplish that. Here are three of the best.

Banish Dead Skin

One of the reasons why your skin may not glow the way you want it to is because it's covered with dead skin, which gives you a dull complexion. Beginning a few weeks before your wedding day, gently exfoliate twice a week with a product designed to buff away dead skin on your face.

Start early enough so that if the product does irritate your skin, it has time to heal before the big day. Also, don't go overboard. If you scrub too hard, you can cause redness and damage, which isn't the goal you're going for. Follow up your exfoliation regimen with a luxurious moisturizer.

Lighten Up

Not such a fan of your freckles? If you have dark spots or irregularities on your skin, lighten them up with a specific product that helps to even out your skin tone. Most major skincare brands make products that help to erase dark spots. Look for the word "brightening" on the packaging.

Give yourself plenty of time for these products to work; they're not an instant fix. Instead, they gently diminish age spots and freckles over time.

Illuminate Your Healthy Glow

When you're putting on your makeup for the big day, use a foundation that illuminates your skin with light-reflecting pigments. It will create the illusion of dewy, radiant skin. Just don't pile on the shimmery products. If you also sport a glittery shadow, a glossy lip and a shiny blush, you'll look garish. A matte bronzer can be applied in the contours of your cheeks, under your jaw line and around your hairline to add a little color if you really want the tan look.

The one look that doesn't say "healthy glow" is a sunburn. Don't be tempted to get a quick tan sans sunscreen any day. There's no way to cover up a pink face. Use sunscreen with SPF 15 or more every day, and cover your shoulders and arms with sun protective clothing when you're outside so that you don't have to worry about strappy tan lines when you're in your wedding dress.

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