Is Cabana Life Changing the World?

Women's Voices for Change

We like to think so. On July 1, our founder, Melissa Papock, was featured on the Women's Voices for Change website. Women's Voices for Change celebrates the wisdom and power of women and helps redefine strategies that make them their best selves in the second half of their lives.

On its site,, the organization provides solutions to issues centering around women's physical, emotional and sexual health as well as relationships. WVFC is all about offering subjects in which women over 40 would be interested, including fashion, beauty, humor and more.

During Melissa's interview, our founder not only shared her mission for educating the public about the dangers of the sun's harmful radiation, but she also gave a sneak peek of what's coming next for Cabana Life.

Cabana Life's resort collection is scheduled to roll out in November. The looks will include intricate embroidery and beautiful new prints to add to the current collection of timeless, sophisticated designs. As always, silhouettes will flatter your curves, and the lightweight fabric will be so luxurious that you'll want to wear it every day.

Cabana Life makes it easy for women to add sun protection to their daily routine. In fact, if they stock up on Cabana Life sun protective clothing, they don't have to think twice about protecting themselves from UV rays. By sharing this functional and fashionable clothing, you could help Cabana Life change the world.

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