Wearing Sunglasses is Not Just For Fashion

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Let's face it--when you're buying sunglasses, you look for the ones that will make you look like a rock star. What's the point of wearing sunglasses if they don't look great? Well, actually, the point of wearing sunglasses is to protect your eyes. Any time that you're wearing sunscreen, you should be wearing sunglasses. It's just a bonus when they make you look amazing. Find out more about the benefits of UV sunglasses by following the guidelines below.

They Fit Well

If your sunglasses are too big on you, they'll let in UV light that could damage your eyes and the delicate skin surrounding your eyes. The right sunglasses should fit close to your eyes without touching your eyelashes. The top of the glasses should line up with your eyebrows. If you can rock wraparound glasses, you'll protect your eyes even more from UV rays, allergens and sand.

UV Blocking

The darkness or color of the sunglasses lenses doesn't make a difference when it comes to UV blocking. If you buy sunglasses from an optometrist, the office should be able to provide you with certification about the brand's UV protection. If you buy them at the drugstore, they should have a label indicating that they block UV rays.

Wearing sunglasses that don't include UV protection could be worse for your eyes than wearing nothing. Because the glasses darken the light, your pupils will dilate, putting your eyes at risk for increased exposure to UV radiation.

Sunglasses Are Even More Important for Kids

UV exposure compounds over time. The more days you've spent outside, the higher your risk for developing conditions related to UV exposure. UV radiation can lead to the development of  cataracts, macular degeneration and even ocular melanoma. Because kids spend a lot of time outside, it's best to get them into the habit of wearing sunglasses at an early age.

Explain to your children that sunglasses aren't toys. They should be handled responsibly and worn as much as possible when children are outdoors. Make sure you buy sunglasses with a kid-safe lens that won't shatter if your child falls.

The benefits of UV sunglasses makes them more than just a style statement. When you try so hard to keep the skin on your body protected from UV radiation, it would be a shame to forget to take care of your eyes.

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