How to Transform Your Home Into a Staycation Resort

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Maybe you can't get away this summer. Or perhaps you just got back from vacation and need a breather before you get back to the grind. You don't have to leave home to feel the bliss and luxury that you'd get from a resort. Transform your home into a staycation paradise with these simple tips.

Invest in a Hammock

Drifting off in a hammock instantly takes away your cares. You don't need to live in a forest to hang a hammock. If you don't have two trees that are close together, install wooden 4x4s in the ground using cement, or secure the hammock to the studs in your sunroom. You can always buy a folding hammock stand if you want to bring your hammock anywhere.

Declutter Your Bedroom

You can wake up with that vacation feeling every day if your bedroom feels like a hotel room. To give it that luxury vibe, put away extra clutter that sits on your dressers and night tables. If the laundry must pile up, let it accumulate in the guest room. Trade out linens with busy patterns for simple white, downy comforters.

Turn Your Bathroom Into a Retreat

Clean the bathroom, and hide away all of the unnecessary products that crowd your counter beneath the sink or in a closet. Line your bathtub with candles, and indulge in a bubble bath at least once a week.

Gather Round The Fire

If you find that you're not getting outside enough because of the heat, think about heading out in the evenings instead of during the days. Build a fire pit in your backyard and invite neighbors over for drinks while the kids play hide-and-seek. Don't forget the s'mores fixings.

Add Exotic Plants

Head to your local nursery and find out what exotic or colorful plants do well in your area. Plant a few in the yard where you'll see them every day. There's nothing like vivid flowers and a sweet scent to make you feel luxurious.

The best part about transforming your home into a staycation resort is that you don't have to leave. You can enjoy the fruits of your efforts for as long as you'd like.

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