Free Iced Tea and an Iced Tea Recipe

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If you're southern, you know of only one way to drink tea: sweet and iced. In fact, once southern children become toddlers, it's not unheard of to see them sucking on a sweet tea. While there's some question as to whether kids that young should have the caffeine and sugar, it's certain that sweet tea is a signal of the refreshing freedom of summer.

Today, on National Iced Tea Day 2016, you can get free iced tea at several coffee shops and retailers. If you want to make your own we've also included a delicious citrus iced tea recipe for you below.

Where to Get Free Iced Tea Today

1. Get a free High Mountain Black iced tea at PJ's Coffee today.
2. Snapple is offering this coupon that you can exchange for a free iced tea at a local retailer.
3. Starbucks is giving away a free Teavana for every Teavana that you purchase.
4. Many Wendy's locations are giving away free iced tea today. Check your local Wendy's to find out if the deal is available in your area.

Citrus Iced Green Tea Recipe

Once you grab your free iced tea, you might be hooked for the summer. That's why we're giving you the recipe so that you can make more at home.

-Green tea bags
-4 cups water
-1 lime
-1 lemon
-1 orange
-some kind of bottled citrus juice (pineapple, orange, orange-mango, etc.)
-fresh mint or basil (optional)

What to do:

The day before, make iced cubes out of your citrus juice. Brew four cups of strong green tea according to the directions that come with your tea. We like to use at least two tea bags for each cup of water. Meanwhile, slice each of the fruits into rounds and place them at the bottom of a large mason jar or a heatproof pitcher. Pour the warm tea over the fruit slices. Add a splash of juice to taste. If it's not sweet enough for you, stir in some honey or maple syrup to taste. Add mint or basil leaves if you like the flavor. Put in the refrigerator until it's ice cold. When you serve your iced tea, use the frozen juice cubes instead of regular ice to add extra flavor.

The nice thing about making your own iced tea is that you can adjust the level of sugar or add other flavorings depending on your tastes. This citrus iced tea recipe is refreshing and has some extra vitamin C added in.

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