10 Ways to Celebrate Your Pet's Birthday

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At Cabana Life, we're all about living your best life. That involves taking care of your health, protecting your skin from the sun and staying connected with friends and family. Your pets are your friends and family too--do you celebrate your pet's birthday?

The Purina Pet Institute conducted a study that found that about 43 percent of pet owners celebrate their furry friend's birthday. Although your pet might not recognize the ins and outs of a birthday party, he or she will likely appreciate the extra attention on the big day.

Here are some ideas for ways to celebrate your pet's birthday:

1. Invite your friends and their pets over for a barbecue in honor of your pet's birthday.
2. Pick up your puppy's favorite treat at the pet store. A peanut butter-filled bone is always a hit.
3. Take the day off of work and take your dog to the beach.
4. Meet up with some favorite friends at the dog park.
5. Set up an obstacle course for your dog.
6. Have a cat? Buy a new scratching post or cat cave.
7. Take extra time to play with your pets on their birthday. Cats love to chase feathers. Throw the ball a few extra times for your dog.
8. Give your feline a catnip treat and watch her go crazy with pleasure.
9. Give your dog an ice cream treat. That's right--dogs love ice cream too.
10. Hire a photographer to take some professional pictures of your pet for a treasure that you will have forever.

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