Camera Day - Share Your Summer Vacation Pictures

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Would you like to live vicariously through someone else's vacation photos? Are you dying to share your own pictures from your recent travels? Or are you kicking yourself because you just haven't taken enough snapshots of the kids this summer?

Well, now you have a reason to change things around. June 29 is Camera Day. We're celebrating by snapping and sharing photos of ourselves in our Cabana Life clothing. Why don't you do the same?

The camera was created to capture moments in time. Although the first cameras couldn't take instant, candid photographs, today's cameras can be brought anywhere. Ask a friend to capture you balancing on your paddle board in a Cabana Life rashguard. Have the kids give you colorful smiles after they eat their poolside popsicles.

Today is also a great day to sit down and go through your photographs. Have you been meaning to put together that photo book for your second child? Do you owe grandma a picture of the kids? Is your smart phone storage used up because you have so many photos saved in its memory?

Schedule some time to sit down and organize your snapshots. Upload some to social media and tag your friends, reliving great memories.

Whatever you're doing today, let us know about it. Tag your photos with #CabanaLife and #NationalCameraDay to get noticed.

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