6 Reasons to Hit Up the Farmer's Market

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It seems like the summer has kicked into high gear already, and hasn't even officially started yet. But the sun has been shining, school has ended for many children, and you've probably even gotten some park play dates or beach jaunts in already. Even better, the local farmer's market is in full swing.

At the farmer's market, you can meet the person who is growing your food and try before you buy. Instead of shivering under fluorescent lights in your grocery store's produce section, you can enjoy the fresh air and sunshine as you shop.

Put on your best Cabana Life dress (to stay sun protected, of course) and head to the farmer's market as often as you can this season. Here are 6 reasons why you would want to:

You're Shopping Local

The "shop local" trend is getting just as popular as the sun protective clothing trend. That's because fewer miles equals less energy expended to get the produce to you. In addition, the fruits and veggies grown in your state contain nutrients that are customized to your region.

It's Cheaper

When you're buying in-season produce, you're paying less than you would for out-of-season crops that are shipped from other countries or grown in greenhouses.

It Tastes Better

Eating produce that's meant to be grown and harvested in this season means that you'll get a tastier product. It's also fresher and contains more nutrients than out-of-season produce that's picked before it's ripe and left to sit on a grocery store shelf for a few weeks.

It's a Learning Opportunity

Chances are, if you pass a vegetable that you're not familiar with at the grocery store, you keep walking. At the farmer's market, you can ask the farmer about the item. You might even get a secret recipe. Maybe you'll discover a new favorite food.

Your Kids Are More Likely to Eat Their Vegetables

People place a higher value on things that they played a part in creating. If your kids help select their vegetables and you involve them in the cooking process, they're more likely to eat what you put on their plates.

It's Fun

How many people love dragging their toddlers into the grocery store? It's much more fun to make a morning out of going to the farmer's market. You get to chat with people from the community and get to know your neighbors as you shop. The farmer's market is designed for being social.

So don't groan about your next shopping trip. Visit the farmer's market with some reusable shopping bags, and actually enjoy grocery shopping again.

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